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Kit de Cultivo Zamnesia Variety Pack ALPHA

Kit de Cultivo Zamnesia Variety Pack ALPHA

¿Eres nuevo en el cultivo de tus propias setas mágicas y no tienes ni idea de qué cepa elegir, o simplemente quieres compararlas? El Kit de Cultivo Variety Pack de Zamnesia es la respuesta - contiene tres diferentes kits de cultivo, cada uno con un contenido de 600ml de sustrato colonizado. Todos los kits se pueden cultivar juntos en la misma bolsa de cultivo.

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Kit de Cultivo Zamnesia Variety Pack ALPHA- Cambodia, Mazatapec y Moby Dick

¿No estás familiarizado con el cultivo de tus propias setas mágicas y quieres poner a prueba tus habilidades antes de comprar un kit de cultivo grande? O ¿No tienes ni idea de qué cepa comprar o simplemente quieres comparar unas cuantas? Y ahora, ¿qué? Entonces el Kit de Cultivo Variety Pack de Zamnesia es la respuesta - este juego contiene kits de cultivo de tres cepas diferentes de setas mágicas, la Cambodian, la Mazatapec y la Moby Dick, y cada uno de ellos tiene 600ml de sustrato totalmente colonizado y preparado para el cultivo. Todos los kits se pueden cultivar juntos y al mismo tiempo en la misma bolsa de cultivo.

Los kits de cultivo de este set contienen una capa de perlita para retener el agua, un sustrato totalmente colonizado y vermiculita como capa envolvente. Estos kits de cultivo están listos para usar nada más llegar a tu casa - lo único que necesitas para cultivar tus setas es un poco de paciencia, agua y un atomizador. Para obtener los mejores resultados, por favor, lee nuestro manual.

3 x Kits de Cultivo de 600ml
1 x bolsa grande con cremallera
2x clips

Manual Kit de Cultivo de Zamnesia





Kit de cultivo de cosecha




    Por sobre 07/Marzo/2017 :

    Título : Best mushroom to money ratio so far.... everything´s getting a bit more expensive but i guess that´s life
    Comentario : as stated above

    Por sobre 09/Feb/2017 :

    Título : good start
    Comentario : was my first time. realised i had to order heat mat but to anxcious to star immediately i made up a heating system with electric water feet heater and timer. mazapatec were smooth. few aborts. fast, plenty, big and on schedule. 13 days. ~12g dried. moby dick were ready to harvest 3 days later. 13 days. smaller. plenty, but had loads of aborts so less in weight. ~7g dried. cambodian didnt show any signs of life by the time i harvested mazapatec and first pins appeared when i harvested moby dick. picked them after 17 days. big but not too many. no aborts. ~ 7g dried. i dont know if if the difference of schedule and size make it part of the first experience and purpose of variety pack, but thats how i took it :) all went for 2nd round. mazapatec already taken. had just a few 4 big units. 17g fresh. good start indeed.

    Por sobre 09/Feb/2017 :

    Título : nickel !malgré,
    Comentario : ce petit kit est vraiment sympa pour débuter et découvrir la culture "champignesque" les récoltes sont plutôt fournie et de qualité sauf erreur de manip';)pas encore testé le fruit de "mon labeur"!a voir! pour ce qui est de la livraison discrète dans un bon emballage pas déçu de mes achats , seul bémol la livraison a été un peu longue ( environ 2 semaines) dû à la période des fêtes ,donc pas de soucis , merci zamnesia

    Por sobre 30/Ene/2017 :

    Título : leuk ,eerste kweek
    Comentario : binnen een maand 2 van de 3 bakjes geoogst,220 gram verse paddos. laatste soort komt net op ,ik kijk uit naar de tweede flush. makkelijker dan ik had gedacht ,mijn huis is niet bepaald steriel te noemen.

    Por sobre 25/Ene/2017 :

    Título : Bon produit
    Comentario : Produit très intéressant qui offre différents champignons pour un petit prix je le recommande

    Por sobre 25/Ene/2017 :

    Título : Nice yield
    Comentario : I didn't try them yet, but the yield was very nice and the fruits look powerful and healthy... they grew very quickly... first pins about one week after soaking and harvest 5-7 more days after... I have a recommendation for the user O.S. and other users who have no luck with growing these kits and gave Zamnesia few stars for it... heat mat does help, but is not enough if your environment is cold... it helps only if the place has a couple degrees below the minimum for mushroom growing... you can not expect a successful grow with heatmat in a room with less than 15'c if you don't somehow isolate the kit, for example puting both in a trasparent plastic box, obviously doing all safety checks before... in this way the heat won't disperse... so please don't blame Zamnesia if you didn't prepare proper conditions to grow shrooms

    Por sobre 07/Ene/2017 :

    Título : variety kit
    Comentario : Very fast shipping. However i've encountered some problems while growing. Fundamentally, those kits i've recived really had too much chasing layer,causing growth speed and harvest time to be too much variable betwen the three kits. Now i've completed the first flush for all the kits and the total yeld is more or less 15 g. Don't know if it's good or not...Hope next kit will go better.

    Por sobre 04/Ene/2017 :

    Título : Great start
    Comentario : Really a good start, Had some good flushes. had up to 8 with maz and cambodia. good customer service and really a nice way to start out :)

    Por sobre 19/Dic/2016 :

    Título : Still waiting for them to grow (Will update)
    Comentario : Well, I received my package in due time on the 7th (10 days have passed), I let the boxes soak on the same day, I believe, but so far I have gotten nothing using a heat mat. It is cold in my area right now, but i would at least expect the top layer to be covered with mycelium even though they could still not be fruiting. I bought it for the new year and unfortunately I had to re-order some truffles because I am not confident this will yield any results. So far, I would rate it 2 stars but I intend on updating with 1,3,4 or 5 in the future, depending on the outcome. Word of appreciation for the Zamnesia customer support though as they are really responsive. Shame this whole batch may fail or take much longer than expected at least. So far, I would not recommend this product.

    Por sobre 16/Dic/2016 :

    Título : Steve
    Comentario : Great little kit arrived in 1 week, Zamnesia as ever never fail on the customer satisfaction department. All pots are up a growing first pins after 1 week on the Maz's and nearly ready to harvest in a couple of days. No idea what the potency is as yet to try but very satisfied so far with the results.

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