Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'


La seta m√°gica Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher hizo su primera aparici√≥n a finales de los 80. Se desconoce su origen, pero est√° claro a qu√© hace referencia su nombre - los sombrerillos tienen un color dorado y su efecto te puede ense√Īar nuevas perspectivas. Se pueden obtener varios lotes - y lo √ļnico que se necesita es un poco de paciencia.

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Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher': Ense√Īa nuevas perspectivas

La cepa de setas m√°gicas Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher hizo su primera aparici√≥n en el mercado a finales de la d√©cada de los 80. Se desconocen tanto su origen como su descubridor, pero la raz√≥n de su nombre es evidente. Los sombrerillos son de color dorado y tiene la capacidad de ense√Īar nuevas perspectivas.

Los kits de cultivo de setas alucinogenas "Fresh Mushrooms" √ļnicamente contienen 1.200 ml de centeno colonizado. Este kit est√° listo para usar nada m√°s llegar a tu puerta - lo √ļnico que necesitas para cultivar tus propias setas m√°gicas, es un poco de paciencia.

Manual de Fresh Mushrooms


  • Caja de cultivo de 1200 ml
  • Bolsa de cultivo
  • 2 Clips

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Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher' - Ficha Técnica
Volumen 1200ML
Marca Fresh Mushrooms
Variedad Golden Teacher

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Reseñas (962)

    Dont recommend
    Maximum 10 mushrooms on the first flush….


    ruckzuck geliefert.....und ruckzuck die ersten schnabbuliert .....


    100 g frais pour le premier flush. 2 ème en cours...


    Golden teacher
    Got 1 big mushroom,this kit maybe was defect. Set it for second flush but cops came at the door so i had to flush it down the toilet. You cant ask for better support than zamnesia. I told them what happened and they offered me voucher Worth 45.95 plus free shipping or a new kit plus free shipping and i didnt even have to send a pic to confirm it was defect. Thank u zamnesia crew, looking forward for a fresh start with my new fresh mushroom kit


    This is my first experience with a ready-to-grow kit, and it really is much easier than starting from scratch with the spores, where I’ve had problems with contamination. I was a little worried about UK customs, but the kit was delivered without issue and in a discrete box; although next time I will ask for the advertising leaflets to be left out, in case it is opened. There is no fanning/misting involved here, which makes it way less time consuming. I used a heat mat. I did take the cake out of the box as I had a lot growing up the sides, no issue. My first flush was 7g of healthy looking shroomies without any signs of contamination. I’ve just set up for the second flush, so fingers crossed! Would definitely recommend.


    M verrell
    All good... always replying to my emails with a update.. many thanks


    Very forgiving, easy to grow
    I think it produced about more than 20gr of dried mushrooms during about 2 months in repeated cycles. I was using the heating mat all the time, the room was quite cold, about 18 degrees. When I didn't use the heating mat or when I didn't follow the procedure exactly, it didn't produce anything (e.g., accidentally left the bag open before the first flowers were flushing thus letting the cake dry out too fast; or accidentally letting the heating mat on when it was supposed to get a cold flush). The cake always continued to produce at least a couple of flowers when I followed the procedure: cold shock for 12 hours, then heating mat on all the time, first closed bag then open bag when the first flushes come out, picking the mushrooms before they drop their spores, repeat. Don't worry if you make a mistake, you can always start it over. I did make sure though to disinfect my glows before picking and putting on mask not to breath on it. I tried 1gr and it had only a very mild effect, practically no visuals. I will definitely try with more quantity next, but it is also probable that not all flushes are the same strength.


    Buen producto
    Si eres novato en esto, los kits de fresh mushroom són los más fáciles de utilizar. Este en concreto me dio varias cosechas, aunque la más grande fue la primera. Las setas geniales. Lo volveré a comprar seguro


    5 boxes - 5 plastic bags - dirty - most important higene being clean but product arrives dirty what what what
    I buy serval times a year with some friends - zamnesia has great boxes also high prices but quality is always worthy ...not sure why this happens but not first time - so mycelium looks great like mostly - but this time all boxes where full of perlite vermiculture but outside meaning the boxes is dirty and not sterile .so i had to clean all boxes outside ...and additional to this 4 bags of the 5 plastic bags where you put the boxes in - are full of the same perlite and vermiculture and other dust or don't know can i work sterile if the product comes dirty ---dont appreciate that at all ...thx all the best to you


    not the best, not tthe worst cake I've had
    initially it appeared as if this was a non-starter because first it only produced a lot of fluffy overlay despite frequent ventilation. it took unusually long but the cake did eventually produce fruits which amounted to roughly 100g with the first flush. 2nd flush ongoing but cake breathes fine and still looks productive.

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Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'