Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'


El padrino de esta cepa Psilocybe cubensis es el escritor, profesor, investigador y psicon√°uta estadounidense Terence McKenna. Hay un rumor de que esta variedad de Psilocybe cubensis es a√ļn m√°s potente que la famosa Copelandia cyanescens (tambi√©n conocida como la "Hawaiian" ). Su viaje altamente filos√≥fico y con un fuerte aspecto visual, hace que sea una delicia para psicon√°utas m√°s experimentados

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Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii': Para psiconautas expertos

Terence McKenna fue un escritor, profesor, investigador y psiconáuta estadounidense - y el padrino de esta cepa Psilocybe cubensis. Se dice que esta seta mágica es incluso más potente que la famosa Copelandia cyanescens (que también es conocida como la "Hawaiian" ). El viaje altamente filosófico y de aspecto visual que desencadena, hace que sea un verdadero placer para los psiconáutas más experimentados.

Este kits de cultivo de setas alucinogenas "Fresh Mushrooms" contiene 1200ml de centeno 100% colonizado - y sin agentes de relleno como vermiculita o perlita. Este kit viene listo para usar, lo √ļnico que se necesita para cultivar un enorme lote de setas frescas, es un poco de paciencia. En unas pocas semanas el kit producir√° varios lotes; siendo 4 el m√≠nimo, pero algunas personas han llegado a obtener 7. Cierto que los √ļltimos lotes no son tan abundantes como el primero, pero de vez en cuando ¬°se ven verdaderos monstruos!

Manual de Fresh Mushrooms


  • Caja de cultivo de 1200 ml
  • Bolsa de cultivo
  • 2 Clips

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Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii' - Ficha Técnica
Volumen 1200ML
Marca Fresh Mushrooms
Variedad McKennai

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Reseñas (1127)

    First time fresh mushroom kit
    So ,it didn't go that well, something went wrong . The pins grew on the sides more than on the top. But customer service is awesome and helped out sorting out why that was about. So i did a dramatic change from the growbag to a mini fruiting chamber. And for some day's that went awsome well. But then a contamination occured i think it was my fault overdoing the moisture in the new placing. So. Yeah. But hey, the customer support is so overly good, they really helped me, and I got a replacement kit, so I recommend to do your shopping with zamnesia. They are the best in service and help you out when in need. I've succeeded a zamnesia GT kit before,so think I will go back to that one , maintenance kit is more for me rather than no maintenance kit like this ūü§™ I got so concerned about not misting and just leave it to grow not tending to it and do the job that you have to do with other kits ,was confusing for me. I think you will succeed if you follow all the steps as described.


    Good first grow but bit contaminated
    The grow kit arived 1 week late than it was supposed to but not becauze of Zamnesia, but because of uk mail. When I opened the package the cake was full of mycelium and probably started to contaminate. I tried to remove the green parts and followed the instructions. First flush was pretty good, didn't have proper scale to weigh them tho. Some of the stems had bit of green on them so I removed that and kept the rest. As to tripping, maybe I didn't have enough I had about 5 big ones(dried) only thing I felt was calmness and didn't care about anything for a couple of hours. As to the rest I shared with 2 friends tgat had all at once and said they were amazing. Second flush was a lot of pins, but only a few stems, all contaminated anyway. What bothered me most was that the cake was smaller then the tub, and even tho I put it back in the box, it did not stop pins and mushrooms growing on the sided and on the bottom aswell a few, most that I could not remove untill I harvested the first flush, but by then they were already molded by that time. I would recommend to Zamnesia to use a trick I saw on the internet, by putting the cake inside a black bag that retracts with the cake while mushrooms use the water in the cake. I tried that on second flush after cutting big slices of contaminated cake, and even if doubted they would flush again, I tried to see if it worked. The bag trick worked. I'm about to buy a supa grow kit and try again hopefully this time I'll have more than one flush and will have more mushrooms maybe I get the trip I want


    3 big flushes even after i f'd up
    on my 2nd harvest i waited to long and the spores got out, but it still produced 1 more big flush after it. VERY POTENT


    Bij de oogst wordt meteen duidelijk hoe sterk ze zijn, purperblauw bij de minste aanraking. Normaal ben ik eerst wat onwennig voor de piek, maar hier steeg ik meteen op zonder onwennig te zijn. Geconfronteerd met mysteries in mezelf. Veel zaken uitgeklaard en bereid alle angst te laten varen om er de volgende keer ietsje dieper in te springen.


    Outstanding customer service
    New to growing I accidentally followed the wrong instruction for the kit received. I contacted customer service who promptly dispatched a new kit even though it was my fault the first one failed. Outstanding customer service, very quick response and fast shipping. Zamnesia is a first class company you can trust.


    Bien mais pas parfait
    Le kit s'apparente plus à Benjamin Bourigeaud qu'à Toni Kroos. Bon joueur de ligue 1, vous donnera satisfaction et fera ses matchs avec un bon rendement. Il vous plantera sa dizaine de buts par saison. Mais c'est pas avec des mecs pareils dans son équipe qu'on gagne la ligue des champions.


    Mi è arrivato tutto in 3 giorni! Velocissimi! Ora vediamo come va il kit! Grazie Zamnesia


    Wenig Ausbeute
    Leider nur 7 Pilze beim ersten Flush‚Ķ magere Ausbeute meiner Meinung nach‚Ķ mal gucken ob √ľberhaupt noch mal was nachkommt jetzt‚Ķ leicht entt√§uscht‚Ķ hoffe da geht noch was


    Très déçu de la récolte - Produit très bien tout de même - Service client génail
    Tout est dans le titre et je remercie encore Zamn, pour la qualité du service client. A voir pour les prochains kit.


    Primera cosecha en curso
    Tras 3 semanas estoy ya cosechando los primeros frutos, ha sido superfácil. Por ahora he recolectado unos 80g (justo antes de romper el velo) y me queda la mitad por recolectar. Han salido bastante más gordos que otras cosechas de esta misma variedad compradas también en Zamnesia, no se si será normal, pero tienen una pinta estupenda. Veremos qué tal van las siguientes cosechas.

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Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'McKennaii'