Kit Supa Gro 100% (Elección de Zamnesia) 1200ml


La marca Supa Gro es famosa por sus kits de cultivo de gran calidad, y a nosotros nos orgullece poder ofrecerlos a nuestros clientes. ¿Dónde está el truco? Te enviamos una cepa al azar... pero, oye, ¡es una cita a ciegas con una camarada psicodélica que te garantiza un viaje a las profundidades de tu alma!

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    Fast delivery. Very good customer support. We had a little misunderstanding about product and they kindly shipped another kit for free! Definitely will be buying soon again. And must say quality is very good. Strong and amazing effect.


    Would recommend, but...
    Great service as always, even send me some extra seed. When it comes to supergrow: i have had some great results with these, although nature is unpredictable. By that i mean, they do come with mold from time to time, and you gotta keep an eye out for contamination. I am not sure whether hey go moldy more often than the competitors, but i would all in all recommend. I bought 5 packs this time around, and one of them smelled bad when it arrived and got a huge blue spot shortly after. I managed to separate it it time though. Tl;DR: a great product, but expect them to go the wrong way from time to time


    Great growkit
    First flush of Brazil strain was around 200 grams of fresh shrooms. Great trips.


    Zamnesia had ran out of stock of their supa grow growkits so we thought we would get a double of what we had already ordered (it was buy 2 get 1 free). They actually waited and gave us another random from their stocks which we are very happy about. It was the thick dicks, it’s been five months and they haven’t grown yet but we are still hopeful


    They send me
    a Thick Dick kit that didn't come out. They quickly send me another one (cambodian) for free that was perfect!


    Bought 2.
    I bought two at once. I got alot out of them both in grams and trip-wise


    Excellent Service, Good Quality Shrooms, High Times
    *I received a box of the Hawaiian strain, very quickly after ordering. *They grew easily, the first flush was ready in 2 weeks, using a heat mat. It was not the most productive box I had but overall a very decent amount of shrooms : - 14g in the first flush - 9.8g in the second - 7g in the third - 4th flush is in the way bringing a few more * As for the effects, we did a ceremony during the full moon, outside in nature. In a nice set&setting, my friends took 2.6g each and I took 3.8. We all had a beautiful experience, high energetic feeling and deep connection to the mystical realms and nice visual activations. If you want to experiment more intensely and dive deeper in your inner world, I highly suggest taking 5G alone, if possible in silent darkness or at least in a very calm space. Do that only when you have experience with psychedelics and when you have an idea about how your bodies react to this medicine. Start low (1.5 - 1.8g) and increase gradually after a few trips, it is worth the journey and there is no need to burn the steps here. The beauty is in the process, not only in the result. High revelations, deep spiritual realizations and valuable life lessons are waiting for you if you take the time to do it properly, with respect and humility. * Last thing, I recommend mixing psylocibin and cacao, the synergy created by these two medicines is incredible ! So much better than psylocibin and weed which I used to do a lot. I now smoke CBD in order to keep a clear head while tripping. I wish you all a beautiful journey in this life Love & Light


    nice truly nice
    pretty good


    a bit disapponted
    got b+ strain. first flush was ok, but notably worse than my growing experiences before. normally it covers the whole ground with pins, but it looked already like the second flush, and again the second looked like the 3rd or 4th and by the third only big ones on the edges. so all in all i have to conclude it was kinda badly colonized or smth (for example i got it already with a white furry patch on one spot on which nothing ever grew). mushies are great though ,very clear tripping. hope you can deliver better kits in the future


    First time grower and very happy with the results of my first crop that have just come through. Easy to understand and clear instructions. Happy man.

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Vídeo (2)
  • Vídeo: Esterilla Calefactora para Setas de Zamnesia
    Esterilla Calefactora para Setas de Zamnesia

    Diseñada para conservar la temperatura óptima de los kits de cultivo de setas alucinógenas, esta esterilla electrónica ayuda a garantizar el éxito. Comprueba cómo se usa y cómo rinde en comparación con cultivos en los que no se utiliza.

  • Vídeo: Cómo Preparar El Kit De Cultivo De Setas Supa Gro 100%
    Cómo Preparar El Kit De Cultivo De Setas Supa Gro 100%

    Os mostramos cómo usar el kit de cultivo de setas mágicas Supa Gro 100%. Este magnífico grow kit contiene micelio puro de Supa Gro 100% y te proporcionará múltiples tandas de radiantes setas cubensis. Con hasta 6 tandas por kit y 600-900 gramos por cosecha, este sencillo kit es imbatible. No necesita más que unas manos limpias o unos guantes, un mínimo chorro de agua de vez en cuando y un sitio calentito donde crecer. Este divertido hongo es pan comido!

Kit Supa Gro 100% (Elección de Zamnesia) 1200ml
Kit Supa Gro 100% (Elección de Zamnesia) 1200ml
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