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Extreme XL Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Mexican'

 4.5/5 (38)

    i highly recommend this grow kit its the best on the market. the staff at Zamnesia are very helpful and fast delivery. enjoy!


    Thx zamnesia


    Die Xl grow Box ist leider bei mir direkt verschiemelt, obwohl ich alles nach Anleitung gemacht habe und sehr darauf geachtet, dass alles sehr hygienisch ist. Allerdings ist auch die growbox bzw das ganze Packet, dass ich erhalten habe mit Dellen angekommen.


    Thank you
    As usual, zamnesia delivered on this one. Be careful and clean to avoid contamination. Very useful and therapeutic


    Merci zamnesia !!!!!!
    Service client au top du top , mon colis n’a pas pu être livrer suite à des problèmes de destinataire et le service client a tout de suite proposer de m’envoyer 2 petites boites . Un grand merci à vous l’équipe de zamnesia et pour revenir sur ma box XL mexicain juste une souche parfaite , que tu soit confirmé ou non , cette box pousse facilement et les effets sont à la hauteur de l’attente je recommande fortement


    de la bombe mais attention trés sensible
    j'ai commander une box, il faut faire absolument exactement comme il nous conseil dans les video et et faire tres attention la recolte aussi tres important ne pas arracher le substrat et les recolter avant que ca s'ouvre ! si non on se retrouve avec des monstre de 70g frais et 7g sec de quoi voyager pendant 1 semaine ! haha keaffé bien (plus fort que les golden) premiere fluch 25 sec deuxieme 25 sec 3 eme 10 sec et la quatrieme est en cours


    Very happy with this
    I followed the instructions, first flush was 330gs fresh. New pins have arrived today for the second flush. Excellent product as usual.


    Mexicaanse paddo's zijn het beste preventieve middel tegen mijn chronische clusterhoofdpijn, daar waar zo goed als alle klassieke medicatie faalt. Mijn situatie is na 15 jaar eindelijk weer enigszins leefbaar.


    tres gros probleme de recolte
    bonjour je voulais vous informer que pour une fois j'ai voulu passé au gros kit xl est ma recolte a donner bien moin que Que avec les petit kit , alors que j'ai fait exactement le meme procédé je suis vrement dégouter , meme pas de 2eme recolte alors que les petit j'ai pu en sortir 6


    après 5 jours ouvrables , je reçois comme prévu mon colis , le kit de culture n'a pas l'air d'être contaminé (aucune couleur suspecte) , je le lance ce soir , le colis est discret , le petit kit cadeau est très sympa , j'aime beaucoup le déodorant pour voiture (arbre magique zamnesia) le mois prochain je recommande autre chose et je repasserai ici pour vous en dire plus ma récolte


    The grow kit arrived safely The result was amazing Customer service perfect like always!


    J'ai pas reçu le cadeau mystère merci d'avance
    J'ai reçu le kit de culture supra gros XL mexicain mais je n'ai pas reçu le cadeau écris sur la commande merci d'avance


    High yield, no potency.
    Although I was able to get almost 4 flushes out of this box with almost 100g of dried mushroom I was faced with the unfortunate fact that there was no potency from any of the flushes with multply methods used to dry the mushrooms. Hopefully I will have better luck next time acheiving some nice potent phycidelic.


    Nice trips and a good harvest. Big and thick shrooms !


    Great service great kit thanks


    Bought 3 boxes together with varying results
    all 3 were on heat mats but had different yields, one was perfect, full yield and onto my third flush with this one, the second was slightly lower but larger mushrooms even though they are the same strain, the third box however just didn't work, almost on yield and took twice as long as the others to show any signs of growth, Zamnisia were fantastic though and after a few emails and pictures offered a refund. So 10/10 for customer service and top marks for 2 our of the 3 boxes


    Excellent product
    My experience with Zamnesia/product I had no credit card to order the kit on Zamnesia site. so I see the option of sending the money in the post to them. So I went to the post office and sent them the money in a (tracked registered letter) from there I waited Anxiously for my order... A little over a week later it was sent perfectly with no problems to my door. I was extremely happy!!! The product itself is superb!! •very potent •intense visuals •euphoria!!! •hd vision to the world/colours You can’t go wrong!! I got over 28g dried on the first flush which only took two weeks and I’m now on second flush. I can’t wait to order again Thanks Zamnesia


    Another goodie!
    Having had great yields from both b+ and Golden Teacher kits from this site, I'm currently on the second flush of these beauties too. Highly recommended!


    Easy to grow, potent trip
    Very easy and straightforward to grow, first flush yielded 33g dried 2 weeks after delivery, second flush is looking like a bit more than that already in terms of quantity Took 2g dried, had an euphoric and hilarious trip, mild visuals (face shifting proportions in the mirror, double eye rows on other people's face, etc) and a sense of moving through cotton clouds Overall good trip and good kit for growing, would recommend to anyone starting out


    Zammnesia never dissopoint


    On Second flush
    I am on the second flush now. There are not many growing at the same time so I have to pick some. and leave the rest to grow more before also picking those. The mushrooms appear to have a lot fo blue psilocybin in their veins which bodes well for the strength, but I am yet to consume any of these. It is a bit early to add a full review, but I am impressed with Zamnesia as a company, who are very professional and deliver items fast, and reward loyalty. Thank you.


    YES! But ... I see more and more people eating mushrooms as if it was an opportunity to "laugh with friends" .... Why not ... But it's extremely reductive. I will not say what can potentiate the effects to avoid stupid uses and especially the unconsciousness. A serene practice, ritualized according to his personality opens different perspectives. I think it is important, out of all religious ideas, to respect the mushrooms themselves and their virtues by using them as consciously as possible. Of course, settle in a secure place and never take it alone if it's the first time or you're depressed. In the end, well used, doors open and can broaden the consciousness for a new look on oneself and on the world. it unlocks points of view and does not really care about psylocibine. it's more a shamanic tool. So really, do not do anything. as for the "Mexican" strain. They grow very easily and they have up to four or five flushes in my case. A heating mat is very important and a monitoring of temperature and humidity. In fact, it is very simple, fast and not very constraining ... It is a pity to spoil this "flesh of the Gods" as called the leaders of ancient tribes, for a simple exit without looking at each other but just to let go. Mind you, why not? This society is so strong that it is an anti-depressant, like another less harmful than the alcohol that destroys its cells. Be careful to refer to the dry dosage or nature of Zamnesia and go very gradually. As for the site Zamnesia, delivery top! fast and neat, after sales service impeccable and very nice in case of any worries and if need advice.


    Amazing first time growers kit
    This is my second kit from zamnesia and I am more than happy. Super quick to grow, a lot quicker than my first kit which was golden teachers. Took about 2 weeks to grow 28 grams dry. Very nice euphoric and happy trip with lots of laughing. Great first time kit for a novice shroomonaught.


    Absolutely fantastic. Can't say a bad thing about zamnesia they're brilliant I got a bad kit before and I got a replasement and I've had great results. Two very good flushes so far about to harvest the second and I think the kit has plenty more to offer! 100% recommend. Thanks zamnesia. Much love!


    great kit
    even tho the first kit had been priorly contaminated they kindly sent me a new one without any hassel at all and the first flush was great with 380 grams fresh looking forward to next ones..


    The best
    Its My nr 2 grow Kit and the bedst onde did have 3 big flush, and a lot of shrooms big ones, and mexican is a strong and Nice strain, big fan here and go to the Tea recape on the zamnesia side, its the Best. I did 45 g wet and its was to motch at onde point but Nice visuelle and body high, and after My spirituel Journey its beautifull.. Thanks zamnesia, and greatings from denmark


    Wächst wunderbar, schnell. 1. u. 2. Flush : Pilze wurden bis zu 20 cm groß, perfekt. 3. im kommen


    good kit
    really cool as always!!


    worth it


    A little time turned everything good!
    At first nothing happened. According to the manual-video pinheads should have been visible at this point, but nothing. And It came to the point that really started to wonder if I somehow exposed my kit to contamination. So I contacted the support team for help. They were VERY FAST awnsering my mails and my questions (5 stars to the Zamnesia crew themselves) Ironically, just the day after I've been in contact with the zamnesia staff, my box was FULL of pinheads. And literally, it was FULL! :) My hope came back.!! After a week, 6 days to more precise, my shrooms were ready to join the harvesting-party! :) All in all, I'll give this 4/5 in score. And the reason for that 1-star is missing is that the quality of the shrooms strength was a little bit weaker than Im used to. And I know this can very ALOT from flushes to flushes. And box to box and so on.. To be able to feel the effects, I had to 2g of dried shrooms. So for a decent Tripp , I'd go for 3g of dried, maybe a little more. It was was cheap, fun to grow and the staff has a great service support to their customers! All in all.. 4/5 Tripps //A happy and returning customer


    Good kit
    Good production and a great strain. Worths the money.


    first flush incredible , others ok!
    first flush was amazing about 1oz dry , second flush was 14g dry , third was 12g dry , fourth was 7g dry overall good kit - i was misting it twice a day with a mushroom heat mat. The time it took to get my first pin was about 5 days and after another 3 days they where ready to pick and dry for 3 days just air dry to get it bone dry! - would buy again!


    bon kit


    works well! Got around 1 good flush and 3 decent and 1 small.


    Great first flush
    Very impressed! Harvested 425g of wet mushrooms from the first flush which dried to 37.5g! Took a couple of weeks longer than I was hoping but a heat mat soon sped up the process, high hopes for the second flush.

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