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Extreme XL Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher'

 4/5 (93)

    J AMAIS PROBLEMES avec tout les autres kits j'ai eu soucis, AVEC CETTE BOX PAS DE CHAMPI 20 JOURS récolte 0% malgré que les conditions de culture étaient idéal. GROS DECEPTION


    Leider nur begrenzte Anzahl für 2100ml
    Der erste Flush war sehr enttäuschend. Es wuchsen nur vereinzelt Pilze obwohl alles beachtet wurde und mit dem besten Equipment gearbeitet worden war. Zb: -Luftfilterbeutel -hygrometer von zamnesia -steriles arbeiten (HEPA-Luftfilter/Desinfektion/Mundschutz/Ein- wehandschuhe) Bin mal auf den 2. Flush gespannt aber habe nicht viel Hoffnung. Sehr schade


    Very kind support service
    I had a defective kit and the support service was so kind that they send me a new one. Really very kind and for sure this time it will be better!


    Really good, great service
    Hello! I tried with this kit, followed the instruction, but I was able to harvest just one flush. Then nothing happen. The customer service quickly give me a replacement. I am at the first flush again, hope it will do a snd one but... one single gt perfectly dried was 4.5 grams!!!


    Massive first flush, but that´s it
    My first experience with SUPA GROW and Golden Teacher. Title says it all. MASSIVE first flush. I was completely in awe, but after that - nothing. I probably damaged the surface when harvesting, so I´m to blame, but the shrooms are so tightly packed that it´s hard to harvest singular shrooms - they come in clusters. I prefer kits where I water the cakes myself and harvest for yield, not for speed. I keep GT in capsules and use between 3 to 5 gram of (cracker) dry powdered materiale per person. I open the capsules and put it in teabags. I let the water cool down somewhat before adding the teabag. Soak for 15 mins and you are good to go. No nausea guarentee (but you still feel like you have kissed a slug.) The effect is INTENSE - much more "insisting" than many other strains. I use them rarely, but keep them around in capsules, just in case that my wife and I need to find each other and ourselves in a hectic period of time. It brakes down your ego, turn the most stubborn person into a devoted listener and brings a feeling of unity, hope, love. I understand why Golden Teacher has been around for as long as it has.


    Followed instructions to the T and absolutely nothing happened.. Don't bother with this Supa Gro junk. Even the replacement zamnesia sent me were duds.. Fresh Mushrooms is the only brand you should order from here


    Super récolte
    Première fois que je me lance dans la culture et ce kit a rendu les choses extrêmement simple. 4 Flush en tout et le total de la récolte (les 4 flush additionnés) 70g secs !! Pas déçu pour un premier essai, et l'entretien est super simple il n'y a quasiment rien à faire, le peu qui a à faire est dans le manuel pour le reste ça pousse tout seul !


    Box de bonne qualité (cette fois-ci)
    Très content du 1er flush, en attente du prochain. C'est la deuxième fois que je commande Supagro XL, la première fois j'avais été très déçu du résultat mais grâce à son service après vente Zamnesia a su me convaincre de retenter une deuxième commande et là je ne suis pas mécontent ! La box a su répondre à mes attentes cette fois-ci.


    I f*cked up
    Well.. first time ordering a ready to grow kit.. and I get it home, super excited and read no instructions. Therefore, the first thing, I put them a lot of water for 12 hours, as I am used to do that from the normal kits.. and of course, that was goodbye for them. Still had hoped, waited for a month even, nothing happened. In the end, wrote Zamnesia and told them what I did and they told me I did a mistake there. Yet, they sent me another kit for free, a different specie tho, as this type wasn't on stock at that moment. Therefore, 5 stars to Zamensia and their support, 1 star for me.


    Golden ones
    Really insightful and simply the best for exploring/knowing thyself. I would recommend to try it in nature. Also Brian Eno’s album - Discreet Music (-75) fits damn well in the scene. All love.


    Good strain
    Probably the best


    Récolte pas terrible
    Envoi impeccable mais faible récolte pour le prix dépensé. Je ne recommande pas cet achat.


    Very good experience
    Despite the high summer temperature, I managed to grow some 40 grams (dry) in total. I just had a great trip with a couple of friends in the nature. Costumer service was great, as they replaced a defective kit with a brand new one.


    Bon rendement, compter 4 à 5 jours pour récolter les champignons après que les têtes soient apparuent. 4 cycle au total pour une production de 450g frais, très satisfaisant. Bravo pour toute l'équipe pour leur professionnalisme , la rapidité d'envoi et le service après vente.


    Good and very trippy
    First flush was very huge 35g dried there were very strong and had good visuals will order them again


    Neuroplasticity, baby!
    Swim got whooping 340 gram wet out of the first flush. Swim also swallowed 3 gram cracker dry fruit with some lemon juice this morning, which caused the brain's default mode network to run on low steam for hours. Strong ones!


    Voila 1 an et demi que je commande sur zamnesia. J'ai commencé avec la marque zamnesia, et je suis maintenant passé à supa gro. Les premières flush sont plus impressionnantes avec supa gro mais elles ne sont capable de faire que 2-3 (4tout au plus) flush, tandis que j'ai déjà emmené les zamnesia à 7 flush (moins conséquentes en revanche). Je pense que dans l'ensemble le rendu est relativement similaire, bien que supa gro soit plus rapide. C'est la première fois que j'essaie une grosse box. La première flush est magnifique, environ 40gr secs. En revanche, ma deuxième flush ne ressemble à rien, donc j'ai un peu le seum. Par contre première fois que je prend les golden tisher et ils sont sympa, la montée est progressive, pas trop brutale, et grands fourires, mélange des sens et quelques visus (légères, après 2,5gr sec) Je recommande, prenez en soin!


    There is a couple of mushrooms in 2 corners of the box. It does not by any means resemble the picture above the reviews. They finish small, 5 cm or so. Too bd, since it was so expensive.


    Really bad
    The baddest Kit i ever had, not gonna order from zamnesia anymore


    Good mushrooms
    not always gives the best yields but mostly alright and the shoorms are good always.


    Good harvest
    Got around 600grams of wet weight mushrooms from the kit, could've been better but I'm happy with the harvest. More potent than I was expecting, a microdose made me trip a bit at work, it was fun but beware. 3.5grams dry will offer a deep trip, I don't really recommend tripping on 1.5 or so if you're experienced because I found that it can possibly induce an anxiety kind of feeling, like being in a rocket ready to launch but it remains static. Had fun with it.


    Pretty good but instructions should'nt be followed as such
    We bought several kits and and one of us grew them with light (as suggested in the instructions) and the other didnt. The one who didnt' got 3x more mushrooms than the one who used the light. So can be great but instructions arent' always the best. Anyways, practice makes perfect ;)


    Great stuff
    I got this kid and it was a great nice and beautiful flush. I got 1 big and 2 small flushes. Tripping was a great experience... You always get your lessons from the teachers ;)


    Voyage merveilleux
    Supers champignons! ça déboite et fonctionne très bien. Je les conseille vivement.


    Great flush. Great product.


    Champignons difformes
    Consignes respectées à la lettre , température et hygrométrie idéale. Les champignons ont commencés à poussés en 12 jours , pas de traces de contaminations. Ils n'ont pas dépassés 6 centimètres et étaient difformes et noircis , une récolte de 25 grammes que nous n'avons pas osé consommé. Deuxième récolte pire que la première. Perte d'argent et de temps. D'après des avis éclairé , mauvais ADN au départ ... Je retourne sur les kits Zamnesia qui ne m'ont pour l'instant jamais fait défaut...


    More Information Required for 1st time Growers / Users
    I bought this kit with great expectations and the chance to gain a new experience. But, having received the kit in the post, I quickly realised I have no idea what the mushrooms should look like when they are ready to pick. The actual mushrooms look nothing like the picture. It would be really helpful to be shown what a good or bad mushroom looks like. Mine grew large but with a solid green centre which looked like mould, when picked. Is this normal?


    Shroomies from the Gods
    The Kit was amazing. Already 2nd flush after 4 weeks. The only thing I want to say that your Advice on how to Dry Magic Mushrooms is horrible. I tried making Desiccant from Epsom Salt and it did’t absorb any Moisture and my Shrooms are still not Dried yet. Before any newbies spoil their Yields you better just tell em to by a Dehydrator to avoid these problems. My shrooms are fucked now thanks to that :( Anyway 5* the Product was Amazing


    I saw good reviews saying people got 1-2oz but keep in mind to look at the bad ones too because only 4.2g yielded out of it. Had kept the temp exactly at 24 degrees (using a infared heat gun) and 90-95% humidity so the conditions were perfect and had no contamination. I'm super disappointed considering how expensive it was, I was expecting a better yield. Don't waste your money, it's not worth it. It's not necessarily the more you pay the more you get.


    Very bad Kit for me
    Hey, I've been ordering a few times on Zamnesia and it usually always works perfectly for me, but this time I tried the most expensive kit and only had a couple of mushrooms... Very very few actually not even 35g of mushrooms at the harvest (3,2g dried). The Supa Grow kit of GT is terribly bad for the price or maybe did I get the only grow kit with a default ?! The humidity and heat where perfect! No contamination neater! It's the first time I am disappointed with a grow kit... 80€ absolutely not worth it!!!


    horrible recolte
    premières têtes qui apparaissent au bout de 1 semaine. les champignons atteignent 1cm de haut puis noircissent. intéreur noir alors que le kit ne semble pas etre contaminé (pas de présence de couleur vive, ou de mauvaises odeurs) 80€ inutilement utilisés


    Very good product
    Really a good choice if you are looking for reliability and quantity.


    Got a bad kit
    My Supa Gro Kit didtn really work the way it should. Temp and humidity was right. Only a few shrooms grew. About 2-3 dry in the first and 3 in the second flush. Is there any chance to get it replaced ?


    very good product
    very satisfied with the purchase, Zamnesia has excellent customer service


    very good service
    very good service my order got messed up with delivery service but zamnesia replaced it no problems highly recommend


    Great stuff
    As they say, amazing kit, on its 4th flush right now...big up Zamnesia


    Good as usual
    First flush had moderate yield maybe because of the high temperature (28 celsius). Now on the second flush, about 20 shrooms are growing. Can't wait to experience them. Golden teacher are the best


    hatte mck, b+ und gt gleichzeitig im grow und muss sagen das meine golden teacher per Bestellung mit beschädigten karton gekommen , weiss nicht ob gewalt ein flüsse aufs pakett durch den lieferdienst gekommen ist und kann mir schon gut vorstellen wenn das kit kaputt ist das es nicht mehr so ptimal wächst


    Excellent customer service
    Was sent a faulty kit, but zamnesia were quick to replace. Used zamnesia for years, never disappoint


    Hit or miss
    Bought two kits, one went perfectly fine, the other came with cobweb which quickly spread to the whole box. Not sure I will buy again


    Very good
    Perfect grow and perfect growth and excellent harvests ... currently in the next few days I will make the third harvest


    Good quality
    Supagro is the best quality kit you can get.


    Récolte très satisfaisante
    Une trentaine de grammes secs rien que pour la première récolte, à voir pour les prochains flushs mais pour le moment c'est tout bon.


    First flush - Wow!
    This is my second order of shrooms from Zamnesia and once again I'm one very happy tripper. Recommended.


    Super box, très bon rendement (environ 5/6 flush). Les champis ne sont pas extrêmement forts (à côté de Moby Big ou de Mr X), mais quelques visus sympa selon les doses. Il font bien réfléchir, bref de bons champis !


    Very satisfied
    I bought a xl Golden teacher growkit. The first flush was very little like 20g dried and now I’m doing the second and have already harvest 140g fresh and the box is still going crazy! I can highly recommend this box Zamnesia always know what they are doing! Im very happy that i found you website


    sweet trip
    the quality of the supra gro kit is really great, full flushes and reliable. But with Golden teacher strain I always had a problem , they tend to grow in the side of the box and not all over it.I must say Zamnezia is really super, my package was lost and they very nicely replaced it.


    Beautiful mushrooms
    These are some of the best looking mushrooms there are and the trip is absolutely perfect one of my favourites


    Très bien
    J'étais parti de zamnesia pour aller sur un autre site mais après un an d'achat chez l'autre site j'ai été déçu je suis revenu chez zamnesia et j'ai commencé par acheter un golden teacher comment dire, c'est génial un rendu exceptionnel et une qualité présente rien à redire acheter zamnesia !!!


    Supa gro is a good brand, follow the instructions and you'll have a lot of mushrooms!

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