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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Brazil'

 4.5/5 (89)

    У меня были некоторые сомнения по поводу growkit, который я получил, и сервис был действительно полезен и пытался связаться со мной как можно быстрее. Спасибо, команда Zamnesia.

    V. S.

    Supagrow did not work once for me
    As said, Supagrow never worked for me. I'll just go for any other next time. I had good results with the brands Fresh Mushroom, and Zamnesia.

    Q. S.

    Problème résolu !
    J’ai eu une contamination dans ma culture car j’avais mal suivi les instructions, j’ai contacté le service client et ils m’ont envoyé une nouvelle boxe ! Super sympa de leur part sachant que l’erreur venait de moi. Un service client au top merci beaucoup !

    A. L.

    Supra grow kit 100% Brazil.
    Ils ont pris un peu temps a poussée. J'ai reçu une bonne quantité. Je trouves qu'il n'avait pas trop d'effets. Ils fallait manger une grande portion de champignons. C'est mon opinion.

    L. N.

    Aucun problème avec la culture, et les pleurotes étaient au-delà de mes attentes.

    A. A.

    Très bonne fructification, expériences très appréciables en soirée. Rires et envies de danser, juste ce qu'il faut!

    S. H.

    maybe its me...
    Delivery and all was great and they started growing quickly, but then stopped after some time for no clear reason. The yield of the first flush was a little disappointing - maybe because of my inexperience? Trying to bring them around for a second flush under different conditions now, but things are going quite slow...

    M. D.

    Très content
    Je suis très satisfait du kit, environ 120 grammes de champignons frais pour le premier flush après 2.5 semaines ! Ils ont poussé en ilots circulaires, c'était inattendu et un des champignons était vraiment énorme :) - I am very satisfied with the kit, About 120 grams of fresh mushrooms for the first flush after 2.5 weeks! They pushed into circular islands, it was unexpected and one of the mushrooms was really huge :)

    D. O.

    Weniger als erwartet
    Ist nun mein zweites Zuchtset aber eine andere Sorte. Hab alles nach Anleitung gemacht. Leider sind bis jetzt grad mal 4 Pilze gewachsen, schade eig. Bei diesen Preis. Ich werde noch etwas warten und die ersten Pilze demnächst pflücken. Ich hoffe das beim zweiten flush mehr kommen. Ich werde sicher irgendwann nochmal eins bestellen, aber wenn das dann auch nicht so richtig wird, dann werde ich wohl kein Zuchtset mehr bestellen. Probiert habe ich sie natürlich noch nicht, aber meine Erfahrung werde ich gerne nochmal mitteilen wenn es soweit ist.

    L. S.

    Goed maar niet geweldig.
    De eerste flush kwam zeer traag op gang (ondanks het gebruik van een verwarmingsmat). 10 paddo's na veel geduld als eerste flush. Ik vermoed dat het gewicht vers op +- 130 gram zat. Helaas vergeten na te wegen na veel enthousiasme en wachten . echter was het niet zo extreem veel als gehoopt en verwacht, ook de effecten waren naar mijn mening niet zo hevig. The heroic dose zou naar mijn mening toch een intense trip moeten geven. Ik geef ze zeker nogmaals de kans (elke trip is anders uiteindelijk en er zijn zoveel factoren die het beïnvloeden) maar had persoonlijk betere verwachtingen van de kweekset en de sterkte v.d. paddo's. Wel deed het me zeer lichtjes denken aan de mescaline ervaring. Minder bewegende hallucinaties maar zeer felle en uitgesproken kleuren. Harder als bij andere paddo's.

    P. B.

    Top service
    I had some doubts about the growkit that i got and the Service was really helpful and tried to get in Touch with me as fast as possible. Thank you Zamnesia team.

    A. C.

    Mein SupaGro Brazil kamm mit grünen schimmel an 2 stellen an !!! Ich habe mich an den KundenService mit "Fotos" gewannt und der meinte wie lange das schon sei und unter welche temperatur ich dass kit gegrow habe und und und.. Ich meinte es ist nagel neu, grad ausgepackt und dann hab ich es gesehn.. Dann meinte der kundenservice ich solle mich in eine woche nochma melden, um dann zu sagen ich habe die falsche temperatur und luftfeuchtigkeit gehabt!🤨 Das ist das aller letzte von euch, Alleine schon dass so große löcher im growkit deckel sind das ungezifer und bakterien ohne probleme eindringen können ist doch schon ein witz!!! Ich habe grade 50euro in die Mülltöne geworfen, werde als stammkunde wie ein affe behandelt im kunden service... NIE WIEDER

    K. G.

    Buon micelio tutto perfetto!! Il primo era contaminato e me ne hanno mandato un secondo, il primo l'ho buttato in giardino e sono cresciuti due funghi anche li nella terra zamnesia super affidabile e professionale nessun problema!

    L. M.

    The Kit started pinning after about 2 weeks and they are getting more every day. Unfortunately my caps started to deform so my set might be contaminated. I think they got to warm at times. Hopefully they will still grow to full size. And also great customer service. I wrote them and they answered immediately. Would reccomend!

    M. B.

    First flush came slow with few but big mushrooms. Wet weight was 220. Now waiting for the 2nd flush. I guess these are a little more sensible to temperature change so I recommend to watch out for a nice and stable temperature. They really started growing when I put them on the heater (which is on low heat). Tried MDing but gotta say that I prefer Mazatapec for that. Might be a personal thing. Curious how a larger dose will be.

    I. V.

    very strong experience when lemon tekking, a little goes a long way and you get many fruits for zero work, amazing product, cannot recommend more.

    L. R.

    N'a pas marché
    Je l'ai offert à mon ami qui l'a cultivé pendant quasi 40jours sans résultat...

    J. B.

    Still growing,
    but I guess, it works fine.

    H. T.

    best psychedelic mushrooms
    Very good strain of mushies! i recommend it to all kind of persons, experienced or novice ;)

    T. A.

    best mushroom kit since they changed up their stock
    lovely mushrooms, good yield and let me tell you have never eaten mushrooms that give such a wholesome trip

    J. B.

    Super defonce
    En 3 semaine j'ai récolté 21gr sur la première recolte super défonce des barres de rire je recommande à tous

    R. H.

    Growing like crazy
    Everything delivered in good shape and on time. Growing like mad. Very happy. Thanks

    H. K.

    good fast strong
    grow kit arrived very quickly. the cake was good colonized. after 17 days my first flush was ready to harvest. after 6 days my secund flush was ready. good box I will defenitely order again from zamnesia

    A. S.

    only one flush
    both kits gave only one flush of (i must say) quite large units

    A. Y.

    Very bad
    Bought it together with McKennai. Where the McKennai grows great, the Brazil only gives green and black mold.

    J. V.

    The best i've ever tried
    They grow up thr first time in 12 days, i really loved them, they was both visual et phyisical et euphorical i really loved them

    A. E.

    Good mushroom all round
    First flush very fast and good yield, second flush coming slow with only a few large mushrooms... this may be due to the recent drop in temperatures.. Pack a decent punch,would recommend as a medium level mushroom.

    T. M.

    Great yield
    Lots of big mushrooms. Easy to do. Customer service is fast and helpful. Over all very pleased.

    A. C.

    Good Good
    This was my first kit that i got from zamnesia. Pins were visible quick after 5days around the whole cake. 5-6days later i harwested around 260g wet mushroom. The second flush was like more then half of the first flush. (around 190g wet) Third one was around 90g wet. And the last and fourth flush was just about 2-3 shrooms. Was happy with this kit! I ordered this one because mckennai was sold out. No regret :D

    L. B.

    The best yield out of all kits
    Easy to grow, the mycelium, begins to compact ready for fruiting very early, then not compacting too much it stops for a day or 2 and then all of a sudden the entire kit is covered in knots. Fruiting is slightly slower going from knots to pins, but then speeds up to normal fruiting speed from pins to full fruits. 602g wet weight first flush under bag conditions with no artificial light! I did accidentally break off the main fruit moving the bag however, by standing it back up right it still continued to grow. Amazing!

    J. Y.

    Best grow
    After a few kits from Zamnesia this was by far my favourite grow. Beautiful substrate really healthy mycelium. I got around 4 flushes in a total of around 35g. Really beautiful trip with these beauties.

    B. E.

    Perfect grow, with huge flushes!

    L. F.

    Not Growing
    Hi, i bought this kit with great excitement on March 31th and started immediately. On the second week i was hoping to see the heads popping out but they did not. But it is my first time so i did not really care and kept taking care of them. It's now the 4th week and there are still no heads. So does anyone else have this problem? I'm sure that they are great shrooms that's why i bought them but maybe i got a bad kit? I did everything that was told me, always washed my hands and i even put on gloves. Can someone give some tips or a answer?

    J. L.

    Fast and easy
    I tried this kit and I must say it's a perfect way to start growing mushrooms, I had a first nice harvest and a few extra flushes. These mushrooms are actually pretty fast, the first flush took barely 2 weeks to grow and the other flushes even less. I definetly recommend these expecially to newbies.

    T. G.

    mooi substraat
    een 'hard' substraat, dusdanig doorgroeid dat het bijna de bak uiteen drukt. Helaas heb ik geen oogst gehaald want ik wilde de bak gebruiken om een lading stro te enten. Het stro raakte echter geinfecteerd, waarschijnlijk mijn eigen fout. Een doorgroeide growkit is ook niet geschikt als broed, mijn fout.

    M. V.

    beautiful babies
    The shrooms just started to get the head out of the earth, they are gorgeous, looot's of them. Can't wait to have a taste, and will post the answer to that. I just love their cousins Amazonia and hope they are so good as them. But the kit is really super they born like crazy

    T. C.

    Excellent customer service and product
    Excellent customer service and product, please note though, your yields are based on luck more than anything; so don't expect yields like on the photo. But you will get a nice amount of mushrooms, for very little effort, so five stars from me. If you can't have your kit on display by a window (for privacy reasons), simply hang a cfl (google the specifics) to one side above the kit for 12 hours on and twelve hours off (under a desk is ideal) and when pins appear in 6-10 days you can turn the light on for just 6 hours (even as low as 3 will do nicely). Ps, you only have to spray the sides of the bag once right at the start, just leave it to do it's thing while pins are making their way out. (It helps to open the top of the bag and waft some air in their for 15 mins, every day throughout the whole thing) Once pins pop out you should spray once a day until harvest. Keep yourself extremely clean throughout. Both instruction pdfs for this kit are quite misleading, so hopefully this will save you some hassle on google. Brilliant company, Zamnesia. Hats off to them. Great mushroom strain too. Fast for a day before (water only) and you only need to eat a gram for VERY noticable effects.

    J. B.

    kit reçu très rapidement ,1er rush en moins de 10 jours et correct niveau quantité,lancé en meme temps un kit Camboge qui lui aussi est parti aussi rapidement; les 2 sortes associer sont parfait ,pris 2gr sec = bonne petite visue et barre de rire (monté en 45 minutes et pour une duré d'environ 3-4 heures (avec des ics et des bas))

    F. M.

    This kit is so easy to use that if you’re clean and always make sure to be clean you will definitely have a great flush! My first flush started growing only after a week and I had about 30grams of dried mushrooms ready for micro dosing. I had doubts my kit was contaminated so I sent Zamnesia a message and they were very helpful and replied so quickly. I had a second flush and waiting to see if I can have a third one :) Thank you so much Zamnesia !

    Y. K.

    zamnesia team are the best!!
    Everything just went fine with my order, fast shipping bla bla bla.. so in the day 3 i was openning the bag to mist some water, and out of nowhere a mosquito came, he was sitting in the mycelium, keep in mind that i was already having pin heads, fucked up my all kit, contamination all over the cake... i just told this to them and said that the mosquito passed by the supo gro holes... they offered me one super quick, right now i m waiting for the box to come, hope everything goes well, this time i m going to put a mosquito net on the holes eheh going to do the 2 review if everething goes well in 2 weeks

    M. S.

    Super Happy!! :)
    Finally I got a grow, that looks just like on the pictures! They began to grow with in a week and first flush gave me 26,8 g dry shrooms! The shrooms weren't that tall but there was so many of them that there weren't space for more. I wish I could show you guys the pictures! :) The second flush didn't deliver as many but they grow even bigger the second time so I got about 20 g of dry shrooms from the second flush. I just harvest the third time and now they are drying so I don't know the dry weight yet, but I am guessing there will be about 10-15 g of dry shrooms. And the effect is awesome. Very happy trip after eating only 1,5 g :)

    B. B.

    well im new to all this 2 time doing kits i can never get then to flower like the pics so dense, but i think i get enough anyway :), good big ones if i could stop them from sprouting on the other sides to only on top i think they would be absolutely briliant.

    D. V.

    Grate grate !!!!
    It’s really easy to grow and fast and the quality is awsome I do recomand this brazilians mushies !!!!

    M. B.

    Arrived quickly
    Arrived quickly (as always) 2 good flushes taken with syrian rue and plenty of spores for future use Ty Zamnesia

    P. D.

    not really had a issue with any kit from this site no matter what brand ,

    S. B.

    Great FLush !
    Box No1:330G First FLush 100g Second 40g Third Bonne récolte à vous pas besoin d'être un pro pour avoir de bon résultats la preuve c'est mon premier Grow Kit :) Juste faire bien attention à que le Grow Kit reste à 22°-23° constament, pas besoin d'eau tout les jours non plus.

    E. P.

    Sheer bliss
    !st time didnt have heat mat Took a while longer but was well worth the wait hah Have followed instructions for next flush and will keep informed Great product

    D. M.

    oh yeah
    you dont want to miss out on these, thats all im saying

    A. P.

    Perfect if you have no idea what you're doing
    you have to be retarded to fuck this up. the package arrived in less than a week, it was my second time growing, i got 23 g dry from the first flush, now the second one looks really nice also (fewer, but bigger). clean high, very warm, very hygge. 10/10

    M. D.

    Great Growing Kit
    This is the second mushroom kit I have ordered and I am very pleased with both. The first one was the "B+" from Zamnesia and I got 4 harvests and about 60g of dried product in total. This new "Brazil" variety grows extremely quickly (I had first harvest after 7 days) and I am on my third flush now. The effects come on very quickly (especially if you chew them well first) and are of relatively short duration (which is quite nice) peaking after about 1.5 hrs, for about 1 hr then slowly descending (about 4 hours in all). Very warm, friendly, happy buzz. Highly recommended. A++

    A. B.
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