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Trufas Mágicas Pandora

Trufas Mágicas Pandora

La psilocybe Pandora es la número 3 de nuestra lista de potencia – sólo las variedades Hollandia y Utopia son más fuertes. 7,5 gramos de estas trufas mágicas que abren mentes, son suficientes para hacerte una idea de “una realidad distinta”, con ideas raras y sentidos agudizados. Pensamientos muy filosóficos, creatividad y un sentimiento social acompañado de una cálida euforia. Potencia: 4.5 de 5.

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Trufas Mágicas Pandora - ¿Lo suficiente psiconauta para abrir la caja de Pandora?


La psilocybe Pandora es una de las variedades más fuertes de trufas mágicas y puede causar alucinaciones serias – si te atreves a abrir la caja de Pandora. Las dosis suaves te harán divertirte con las nuevas reacciones de tus sentidos y nervios, mientras que dosis más elevadas pueden conducirte a tener pensamientos extraños y profundos (a propósito, ¡la respuesta es 42!) y percepciones tergiversadas del entorno. En buena compañía y un ambiente familiar te sentirás más cómodo, liberarás zonas desconocidas de tu materia gris y encontrarás nuevas cotas de sabiduría. Los efectos varían enormemente según la persona y ningún viaje es como el anterior – cada experiencia es absolutamente única e impredecible. Pero depende en gran medida de tu estado mental – si estás mentalmente preparado para abrir la caja de Pandora, podrás descubrir una nueva y bella realidad.


La psilocybe Pandora se encuentra entre las variedades más fuertes de trufas mágicas. Estos nódulos tienen un 4.5 en nuestra escala de 5 dedos y se deben tratar con respeto. 7,5 gramos de la psilocybe Pandora son suficientes para un viaje normal y para una primera experiencia con trufas mágicas. 10 gramos es una dosis para el psiconáuta avanzado y el paquete completo de 15 gramos permite una profunda exploración de la mente y se debe dejar para los usuarios mas experimentados. Las trufas mágicas se puede ingerir (mastícalas bien para poder digerirlas y evitar nauseas) o beber como té o cocidas durante 20 minutos en agua caliente (no hirviendo).


Las trufas mágicas son potentes alucinógenos y no se deben mezclar con alcohol, antidepresivos u otros medicamentos fuertes. No conduzcas tras el consumo de trufas mágicas y no las uses si eres menor de 18 años. Empieza siempre con una dosis pequeña para comprobar el efecto de la psilocibina en tu metabolismo/mente. ¡Rotundamente no aptas para embarazadas!

*Se pueden conservar hasta un máximo de dos meses en el frigorífico. Una vez abierto el paquete, solo duran dos días.

*Las trufas se enviarán sin los envases, a menos que se solicite lo contrario.


    Por sobre 27/Feb/2017 :

    Título : Parfait !
    Comentario : Excellent produit ! Montée rapide, visus sympa et une bonne dose d'euphorie avec seulement 7 grammes.. N'hésitez pas ;).

    Por sobre 22/Feb/2017 :

    Título : exellent
    Comentario : orderd to the uk came withing 6 days weighed 18 grams happy days

    Por sobre 22/Feb/2017 :

    Título : Very mild trip
    Comentario : Unfortunately I did not have a very good experience with these truffles. I ate a whole pack of 15grams and was expecting a really strong trip. However, I felt stoned and giggly for less than an hour and that was it. Within 2 hours of consumption I was sober and back to reality. Very little visual effects and an extremely light trip overall. I've had better and longer trips with lighter truffles so I don't know what was wrong this time.

    Por :

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    Por sobre 22/Feb/2017 :

    Título : ... Awesome
    Comentario : So, first of all my strongest psychedelic experience so far was somwhere around 50 micrograms of LSD. I took about 12.5 grams of Pandora truffles, friend A took around 7 grams and friend B took somwhere around 12.5 grams too. I haven't ate any food since 2 PM, friend B ate somewhere around 4PM and friend B ate sometimes before my last meal. At 6.45 PM we ate the shrooms plain, chewing them slowly. 7:10 PM Time is heavily slowed down for each of us, I'm laughing heavily while staring towards the books on the shelves in front of me. Friend A joins me. Friend B, who is the most experienced in psychedelics is looking rather overwhelmed by the situation, flowing with the trip and keeping silent. 7:40 We feel like the time has stopped, we have no idea if this is the peak or just casual tripping. We're stuck in a loophole where each one has his own set of words. Regardless of what we discuss the conclusion remains the same. We slowly realise that our trip is tied together, everyone understood the situation and we gladly went on with our trip. 8:15 I am stuck... We finally found out the truth, the reality in which we live in, it's finally visible! Still, we're stuck in the previously mentioned loophole. We made up a plan, in order to escape the loophole, and we decided to leave soon and take a walk into a park nearby. 8:30 PM My hands.... Uh... Everyone has some goddamn ugly hands... Including me. We all come to an agreement that Friend B has a small head. Very small head. 8:45 Friend B is trying to roll a joint so we can finally leave. The loophole is getting ridicoulous, but still impossible to break. 9:30 The goddamn joint is finally rolled up. We discuss and debate random things in our lives while getting dressed up. 10:20 PM - We're in the park, everything is cold, there's ice everywhere. We're still in the same loophole, discussing various matters and reaching the same conclusions, reading eachothers minds, then staring at eachother being amazed of the situation. 10:45 PM Currently smoking the joint on a silent island within the park, good thing we have some coffee with us. 11:00 PM We decide to go home and cook something. The distance we have to pass seems to be too much. 12:00 PM We're home, we play some video games, keep talking, weed making our trip last longer. 1:00 AM We slowly fall asleep. it is very cold, I put on some thicker clothes and climb into bed. 10:00 AM I wake up kinda' dizzy, with a light headache. Everyone seems to be happy and proud of their experience. So I could easily say that these truffles were the best thing we ever tried. I had the experience I've been looking for, settled some things with myself and had a good night with my friends at home. Nice job Zamnesia!

    Por sobre 16/Feb/2017 :

    Título : Joseph
    Comentario : These are the best truffles I have had the made me laugh so much at 1st I didn't fell much so I ate some more and wooow they blew my mind the shipping was they fast thanks to Will from zamnesia thanks again:-)

    Por sobre 09/Feb/2017 :

    Título : superbe !
    Comentario : voilà une truffe qui mérite de se faire connaître plus digeste que les atlantis goût plus doux, effet visuel marqué , avec des fous rire au rendez-vous sur des trucs tout simple (le crépis qui se transforme en toile translucide en mouvement , la démarche du chat qui semble avoir pris le speed , les murs qui semble se mouvoir comme une nappe d'eau !) accompagné par des émotions d'amour , de tendresse et de douceur envers toute la création ! superbe expérience !

    Por sobre 08/Feb/2017 :

    Título : My first time
    Comentario : Hi all,i am 34 years old from greece and finally after a lot of research decided to try a psylocibin trip...Because was my first time and was alone without a siter i tried a low dose like 6-7 grams and can say got a nice trip but... 1)It took 45mins to take effect(was on empty stomach and chewed the truffle very good) 2)It lasted like 1.5-2 hours max 3)Didnt have any vizualizations with opened eyes nor didnt see any paterns only visions i had was with closed eyes at dark room. 4)At the peak of the trip i felt brain voltage and a feeling like i was separating from my body or like leaving the mind like dying i fought this and it stoped.. It was impresive but wasnt any of my expectations...Anyone more experienced out there can share that if with higher dosage will be any better?It felt like i was controlling the trip...can the trip take over?Didint get any answer from my deeper self...Didint got in touch with my subconscious mind overall was not what i was expecting

    Por :

    El cliente ha valorado el producto pero no ha dejado una reseña

    Por sobre 03/Feb/2017 :

    Título : You druggu's
    Comentario : This product is f***in tops mate, half a bag of this in the Grinder BAM! the world starts getting Skitz af mate everything gets small and big. it's pretty good quality product. Go get yourself a pack of winnie blues mate and ya set.

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