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Trufas Mágicas Tampanensis

Trufas Mágicas Tampanensis

La psilocybe Tampanensis es perfectamente apta para los psiconáutas avanzados. Esta variedad fue encontrada por primera vez en Tampa, Florida, en 1977 y se conoce como “Piedra Filosofal”. En nuestra escala de 5 dedos, tiene un 3.5 – una cepa de potencia media que produce fuertes efectos visuales, un pensamiento creativo y un sentimiento de intimidad con la naturaleza y tus colegas psiconáutas.

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Trufas Mágicas Tampanensis - Aptas para psiconautas avanzados


La psilocybe Tampanensis es parecida a la psilocybe Mokum, pero sus efectos visuales son más intensos. Todos tus sentidos se verán agudizados – de hecho, el mundo entero se verá y sentirá completamente distinto. Escalofríos (u ondas expansivas, dependiendo de la dosis), recorrerán tu cuerpo y te sentirás lleno de euforia. Esta trufas mágicas se llaman “Piedras Filosofales” por una buena razón – no sólo podrás pensar de manera más creativa, si no que también encontrarás un aprendizaje espiritual; con dosis elevadas se puede llegar a entender ¡cómo funciona el universo!


La psilocybe Tampanensis es una de las variedades más fuertes de trufas mágicas – la hemos clasificado con un 3.5 en nuestra escala de 5 dedos. Únicamente 7,5 gramos son suficientes para obtener la primera experiencia de un mundo ligeramente distinto. Con 10 gramos ya podemos hablar de un viaje de potencia media y la carga completa de 15 gramos, es un propulsor para elevar a tu espíritu a alturas desconocidas (sólo recomendado para psiconáutas avanzados). Para la mayoría de la gente, el mejor método para tomar trufas mágicas es simplemente masticarlas bien y tragarlas –otros (a quien no les gusta el ligero sabor amargo a nueces), hacen té con sus trufas, añadiendo agua caliente – no uses agua hirviendo porque degrada la substancias de las trufas.


Todo el mundo reacciona de manera distinta a los efectos de la psilocibina – empieza siempre con una dosis pequeña y ve aumentándola gradualmente hasta encontrar la dosis que más te conviene. Las trufas mágicas no son aptas para personas menores de 18 años y de ninguna manera para embarazadas. No tomes trufas mágicas si tienes algún desequilibrio mental, estás de mal humor o deprimido; nunca combines las trufas mágicas con alcohol ni otras drogas – ilegales o prescritas.

*Se pueden conservar hasta un máximo de dos meses en el frigorífico. Una vez abierto el paquete, solo duran dos días.

*Las trufas de MushMagic no se enviarán con el envase, a menos que se solicite lo contrario.


    Por sobre 15/Junio/2017 :

    Título : Trippping major ballsack
    Comentario : I read the reviews and i started to regret buying them because of the negative responses. I read a lot of comments about them being quite weak and not having many visuals. So, i took the full 15g straight after coming home from the gym. I didnt feel anything for about 45 minutes, but at the 45 minute mark i started to see swirls on the tips of my fingers and i knew i was in for a good trip. They hit me like a train and i lay in bed with headphones on and a peaceful soundtrack to the trip. I have never experienced truffles as strong as them before so it was all new to me. I saw galaxies spiral in front of my face then disappear and a single carbon atom floating in front of me (all this happened with my eyes closed). I experienced other beautiful visuals but typing wont do it justice. I would definately recommend them. The visual trip lasted about 4 hours and wore off completely at about 6 hours.

    Por sobre 09/Junio/2017 :

    Título : Great but...
    Comentario : hello. i split a bag of tampanensis with a friend a few weeks back and unfortunately, nothing happened :/ they'd only arrived a week earlier and were still fresh, had the same taste, no issues with the bag etc. so it was a bit unexpected. left me feeling slightly disappointed as i've already had the tamp 5 or 6 times before- in whole and half doses- and all experiences up until this point have been great. this was my friend's first time (or rather, it wasn't!) so she was a bit confused about what she was meant to be feeling, especially after hearing all my good reviews over the past couple of years! i guess it wasn't meant to be- and it was a lovely day anyway :) i've seen similar reviews for the tamp and other varieties posted here so i can only conclude that occasionally a 'weak' batch slips through the net? i don't know if zamnesia are willing to offer a freebie replacement....? it's worth noting that out of the 30 or so trips i've already had courtesy of zamnesia, this is the only time i've experienced 'nothing' so i haven't lost any trust in the seller and i'm pretty sure i'll order the tamp again at some point in the future. ps the good news is i had also ordered some valhalla's - did them a week later and they were wonderful and lived up to reviews! much love x

    Por sobre 31/Mayo/2017 :

    Título : première expérience légère
    Comentario : J'ai pris une boite entière à faire revenir dans l'eau chaude pour en faire un thé, ma première expérience était avec une boite entière d'atlantis maché mais le trip était très/trop fort. je me suis dis que j'allais recommencer avec une truffe plus légère, avec un peu de miel le gout n'était vraiment pas mauvais. j'ai divisé le thé en deux pour moi et ma copine , soit l'equivalent de 7,5 par personne. peut etre que j'ai laissé l'eau trop forte, mais la montée fut très douce, on n'a pas eut d'effets visuels, mais une sensation de bien être de communication intéressante. on va réessayer avec une boite à macher par personne la prochaine fois.

    Por sobre 29/Mayo/2017 :

    Título : They'll have you smiling like a bastard
    Comentario : Two of my mates split a bag whilst I had a full bag of the Valhalla strain, they looked like they were having a much more fun time than I was, emphasis on the fun.

    Por sobre 15/Mayo/2017 :

    Título : Less strong as expected
    Comentario : It was our first time trying truffels and each of us took 12g. It was a nice trip but there where only a few not too outstanding visuals. We ordered the Hollandia truffels and this time we will eat 15g each. I will report after the trip :)

    Por :

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    Por sobre 02/Mayo/2017 :

    Título : Top Quality!!
    Comentario : To start with, sorry for my bad english i'm from danmark so english is not exactly my strongest side, hope you understand it anyway! :) I have previously tried magic mushrooms, which we found in the forest. This was the first time I tried magic truffles and I certainly was not disappointed. I was with a mate when we took these truffles. The taste was not exactly the best I have tasted, but it was not disgusting either. After about 45 minutes, I began to feel it in the way that it started spinning my hands and feet, and that I could clearly feel a change in my mind, in the good way. My trip with my mate was great fun and I think we spent about 2 hours sitting in front of each other and laughing in cows. It was exactly as fun and educational as I had imagined. I would definitely recommend others to try these truffles if you are intercepted in this universe. I give it "only" 4 out of 5 stars, because I do not fully agree with the dose you have to take to get a trip. At least 5 grams is not enough for me to get a good and good trip. But on the other hand, 15 grams are more than ample. And that's probably a taste story. Good evening, everybody! Ps. For God's sake, make sure the calendar is free when you take these truffles. No parents or clean people nearby. Just a good advice. ;)

    Por sobre 02/Mayo/2017 :

    Título : Very satisfied
    Comentario : I am very satisfied from the customer service. Zamnesia seems the most reliable site .

    Por sobre 24/Abr/2017 :

    Título : Great for beginners
    Comentario : Took a 15g pack with two friends (their first time) and we had a blast. Laughing for 4 hours straight in various bars and clubs. Reality was a little bent, no visuals though

    Por sobre 10/Abr/2017 :

    Título : TOP
    Comentario : Top quality and service

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