Trufas Mágicas Fantasía


La psilocybe Fantasia es n "alimento de la fantasía” y es conocida por sus fuertes efectos visuales y extraños y retorcidos pensamientos. Colores más intensos, muebles que se doblan, una cálida sensación eufórica y escalofríos que recorren tu cuerpo de vez en cuando. Sólo hacen falta 7,5-10 gramos para observar el mundo con los sentidos alterados. Le damos a esta cepa un 3 en una escala de 5.

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Trufas Mágicas Fantasía - Las setas mágicas de los Mayas


La psilocybe Fantasia es un poco más fuerte que la mexicana – sobre todo en cuanto a sus efectos visuales. En un viaje suave, notarás que la realidad tiene una ligera distorsión – no es que veas cosas que no están ahí, pero todo lo que está a la vista parece ser más agudo, más intenso, diferente en cierta forma. Un viaje medio te llevará al siguiente nivel para convertirte en un psiconáuta demostrado. Tu materia gris funciona al 200%+ y los filósofos griegos escribieron canciones de cuna comparadas con los pensamientos que estás teniendo tú. El paisaje es muy intenso y algunos detalles cercanos se vuelven, de repente, muy interesantes – sobre todo cuando son amorfos. Un viaje “completo” sólo se recomienda a los usuarios experimentados – y aún así es una buena idea tener a alguien vigilando. Estos viajes tienen una cosa en común: en buena compañía, tendrás una vena social y un flujo de arrebatos de risas y charlas. Estas experiencias varían grandemente según la persona y dependen de varios factores, como el estado de la mente/salud, un estómago lleno/vacío en el momento de consumir las trufas, compañía, ánimo, etc.


Elegir entre flotar y orbitar es muy sencillo con nuestra sencilla calculadora de dosis.

Usa Nuestra Calculadora De Dosis De Setas Mágicas

*Se pueden conservar hasta un máximo de dos meses en el frigorífico. Una vez abierto el paquete, solo duran dos días.

*Las trufas de MushMagic no se enviarán con el envase, a menos que se solicite lo contrario.

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Reseñas (143)

    Fun but soft trip
    My roommate and I both took 15 grams (1 packet each) and had a very fun trip. The effect lasted about 4/4.5 hours and came in 'waves', each with differing feelings and sensations. The coming-up was pretty fast, effects started about 30 minutes after consuming and the peak was around 30/40 minutes later. In the peak everything was very weird and strange and I saw everything as if it were melting and warping. We watched an animated movie, which was very difficult to understand and later we turned it off because the confusing sensation was a bit much. We then decided to go outside and sit in the sun. This became a whole different sensation; the sun was nice and warm and nature was very pleasing to look at. We watched some kids playing football and the ball being kicked was very entertaining to follow. After a little while, it became a bit much for my roommate. I really liked being outside, but he preferred to stay indoors so we went inside again. For me, the effects became less when we returned inside, but my roommate was still very much thriving. I then left him to go for a walk as the sun was setting and I wanted to look at it. I was really craving a ciggy so I called my boyfriend and we talked on the phone as I watched the sunset from a local park. The colourscheme from the park was very pretty. Grass looked very soft and the red glow from the setting sun made everything look very magical. The effect was definitely still there, more than what I felt when I was inside. I continued to walk in the park for about 45 minutes and when I returned home I was sober again and had a nice supper. All together, I recommend these truffles if you want a fun and social experience. Me and my roommate had some funny talks and the effect wasn't 'too much to handle', reality was warped but not in a sense that's overwhelming or distorted. Visuals were very pleasing and pretty, definitely recommend doing it in the daytime and outside in nature! Next time, I'll go for a stronger type that's more philosophical, instead of visual.


    First time my order got lost but Zamnesia took care of it and resend my order again big thanks for that. If I have to be honest not gonna order these again. Me and 2 friends of mine took almost whole pack each and effect was.. ..well there was 0 effect from them. (2 of us had Fantasia and 3rd one had Tampanesis) Sad to say that but I was disappointed.


    Excellent trip avec 7,5g par personne, dans un super contexte. Très visuel, d'abord très créatif (je vous invite à tester le dessin ou autre... ) puis une seconde vague de douceur et de rapprochement humain. Je recommande !


    First time user, came away disappointed
    This was my first time taking Magic Truffles and I didn't have a sitter so I wanted to make sure I didn't go crazy or something :) so I started off easy with these. I took about 7gr to start with but after about 1.5 hours I hardly felt anything, so I decided to take the rest and unfortunately, nothing ever really happened. The only visuals I saw were very slight distortions in my room, but really only when I concentrated on one point. I never felt I was anywhere else than in my living room, sitting on the couch. I never even got the giggles or really any mood changes. I'm curious to see how well the Atlantis truffles are going to perform when I take those soon. I'm definitely gonna take those all at once hoping to go on an actual trip, because my first experience with Fantasia was really weak.


    A nice middle term between Mexicana and Atlantis.
    Not too strong, not too soft. It felt more therapeutical than paranormal this time, like going to the doctor to talk about your problems and whatnot. Atlantis was a bit too strong to me, and Mexicana too mild. I've been thinking that I prefer something a bit more Medium. I used them while watching The Neverending Story, Zootopia and The Passion. I've reconciled myself with Christianity thanks to Mel Gibson, at least partly. I rate them 7/10 or 8/10. 4'5/5 Stars. I like to proggressively increase the intensity, I may try Mokum or something similar the next time.


    Un beau voyage
    Excellent trip, en deux fois, avec 15g à chaque coup. D'abord en intérieur, puis sur un chemin de campagne qui montait sur les collines. Dans les deux cas, beaucoup de plaisir, de révélations, un jeu de notes et de mots fluidifié... tout un langage pur, en fait, comme si je m'accomplissais totalement. J'étais entièrement moi ! Visuels plutôt légers, mais compensés par les impressions merveilleuses, les rencontres oniriques, les univers visités. Et la nature était si belle, surtout vue d'en haut.


    produit très sympa, tranquille mais bien présent. j'en prends un demi sachet,je fais sécher l'autre. c'est super


    Pas top
    Aucun effet... Décevant... Beaucoup trop cher pour ce que c'était et vraiment pas bon goût, difficile à manger, contrairement aux autres...


    Quite calm and good for beginners
    I think, it´s a nice and soft trip, good for beginners but maybe not too potent for experienced trippers. I´m far from being an expert but found them quite weak except if you take a big amount of them or potentiate with something else. Excellent if you are only looking for a well-being feeling without altering so much your mind or perception


    bonne expérience
    trip assez doux, visuellement léger mais bonne expérience philosophique et de réflexion

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Preguntas (1)
G.G. 2014-04-01 12:12:25

Can I open the pack, use some truffles and then reseal them in a vacuum container? Can this keep the truffles fresh once opened?


Unopened, they can be stored 2-3 months in a cool and dark place (a refrigerator is perfect). Do not freeze! Freezing the product will damage the produce. Once opened though (no matter how well stored), they can only be stored for a few more days.

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Trufas Mágicas Fantasía
Trufas Mágicas Fantasía
Trufas Mágicas Fantasía
Trufas Mágicas Fantasía
Trufas Mágicas Fantasía
Trufas Mágicas Fantasía
Trufas Mágicas Fantasía
Trufas Mágicas Fantasía
Trufas Mágicas Fantasía
Trufas Mágicas Fantasía