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Trufas Mágicas Mexicana

Trufas Mágicas Mexicana

La Psilocybe Mexicana es probablemente la cepa de un hongo de psilocibina que desarrolla un esclerocio, también llamadas trufas mágicas, más conocida. Esta variedad es muy suave, pero te producirá una sensación agradable y un viaje feliz y potente lleno de creatividad y – con dosis más altas – entendimiento espiritual. En una escala de 5, la potencia de la Psilocybe Mexicana se sitúa en el 2.5.

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Trufas Mágicas Mexicana - Usada por tribus indígenas durante siglos


La psilocybe mexicana ha sido conocida por los pueblos indígenas de América del Sur durante miles de años, como la carne de los dioses. Los efectos psicodélicos de las setas mágicas fueron siempre unos grandes desconocidos para la civilización occidental, hasta que Albert Hofmann (el descubridor del LSD) aisló e identificó las substancias de la psilocibina y la psilocina, en su laboratorio de Suiza en 1957. Y utilizó esta cepa, que fue especialmente criada para esto proceso – la Psilocybe Mexicana.

La Psilocybe Mexicana es una de las raras cepas que producen esclerocios (nuestras trufas mágicas); existen DOS variedades de Psilocybe Mexicana – la Psilocybe Mexicana A y la Psilocybe Mexicana B, pero sólo la "A" desarrolla estas trufas mágicas.


La Psilocybe Mexicana es una cepa bastante suave, ¡pero no se debe subestimar! Una dosis de 5 gramos ya es suficiente para conseguir una extraña sensación de realidad distorsionada; no tendrás efectos visuales, y si los tienes serán muy ligeros. Con 10 gramos se puede esperar un viaje medio con efectos visuales y con el paquete completo de 15 gramos te pondrás directamente en órbita. Tus sentidos se agudizarán y podrás tener pensamientos originales, todo esto acompañado por una fuerte sensación de euforia con ocasionales borbotones de risas. En una escala de cinco dedos, la Psilocybe Mexicana tiene un valor de 2.5 de potencia.


Aunque hemos clasificado a la Psilocybe Mexicana como “suave”, los efectos de las trufas mágicas dependen de una amplia variedad de circunstancias. Tu peso, estado mental y cuándo comiste por última vez, por ejemplo, se debe tener en cuenta. Se recomienda empezar siempre con una dosis pequeña – puedes aumentarla gradualmente hasta la dosis optima. Las trufas mágicas se pueden ingerir directamente o beber como un brebaje o té – deja que se cueza durante unos 20 minutos en agua caliente, ¡pero no dejes que hierva! (demasiado calor destruirá las substancias activas de las trufas).


Los efectos de las trufas mágicas varían grandemente según la persona y otros factores importantes que influyen en la experiencia del viaje son el lugar y el ambiente. No uses trufas mágicas si estás deprimido (incluso estar de mal humor es razón suficiente para no darse un viaje), psicótico o embarazada. No consumas trufas mágicas si estás tomando medicamentos, ni las mezcles con el alcohol. Las trufas psicodélicas no son aptas para los menores de 18 años. Y, para terminar, NUNCA conduzcas bajo la influencia de la psilocibina.

*Se pueden conservar hasta un máximo de dos meses en el frigorífico. Una vez abierto el paquete, solo duran dos días.

*Las trufas se enviarán sin los envases, a menos que se solicite lo contrario.


    Por sobre 24/Mayo/2017 :

    Título : Beutiful experience
    Comentario : I split 15 gr. with my friend ,he is used to eat mushroom,i tried it just once. we reeeally enjoy it.We ate it at 4.30 p.m. after 30 the trip start... We spendt time in the park(where the color of the nature became so intense) and walkin around my neighbourgh ,laughting like crazy. The effect disappear around 10 p.m when you feel a little stoned but you are definetly back in the real world. I really suggest to follow the instruction of website: Don't mix with other drugs (cocaine,alchool) weed is permit but just a little bit Take it after 3 hour from last meat. Stay dry, drink a lot a water.

    Por sobre 24/Mayo/2017 :

    Título : feel good !
    Comentario : Shared the 15g with a friend, half each. Very comfortable trip, lots of laughter a few visions. Will definitely reorder

    Por sobre 15/Mayo/2017 :

    Título : Buon prodotto
    Comentario : Ho diviso un pacchetto con un amico, esperienza buona con qualche effetto visivo, pensieri profondi e creativita' potenziata. Consigliato anche per prime esperienze.

    Por sobre 03/Mayo/2017 :

    Título : Worked nicely for microdosing
    Comentario : I wanted to try microdosing so took 7g which turned out to be too much for a microdose, though not enough for a serious trip, but showed that the product worked. I had a mild expansive feeling and a strong desire to go outdoors, no visuals. The idea behind microdosing was that I could just carry on with my normal life while getting some subtle benefits but once these guys kicked in working on the PC etc lost all appeal. I´ll try again with 3-5g. Would recommend.

    Por sobre 02/Mayo/2017 :

    Título : Really nice trip!
    Comentario : To start with, sorry for my bad english i'm from danmark so english is not exactly my strongest side, hope you understand it anyway! :) I have previously tried magic mushrooms, which we found in the forest. This was the first time I tried magic truffles and I certainly was not disappointed. I was with a mate when we took these truffles. The taste was not exactly the best I have tasted, but it was not disgusting either. After about 45 minutes, I began to feel it in the way that it started spinning my hands and feet, and that I could clearly feel a change in my mind, in the good way. My trip with my mate was great fun and I think we spent about 2 hours sitting in front of each other and laughing in cows. It was exactly as fun and educational as I had imagined. I would definitely recommend others to try these truffles if you are intercepted in this universe. I give it "only" 4 out of 5 stars, because I do not fully agree with the dose you have to take to get a trip. At least 5 grams is not enough for me to get a good and good trip. But on the other hand, 15 grams are more than ample. And that's probably a taste story. Good evening, everybody! Ps. For God's sake, make sure the calendar is free when you take these truffles. No parents or clean people nearby. Just a good advice. ;)

    Por sobre 03/Abr/2017 :

    Título : First Time Psychedelics
    Comentario : Class time, not really any bad moments, ate the whole 15 g bag as they are pretty mild. Would defiantly recommend.

    Por sobre 29/Marzo/2017 :

    Título : Hit and miss
    Comentario : Have taken the full 15g of these twice now. The first time created euphoric trips with mild visuals, creative thinking and waves of energy which came and went traveling through my body. The second time I took them I got the initial sort of haziness that you get before you trip but it went no further. Maybe it was a bad batch.

    Por sobre 27/Marzo/2017 :

    Título : Disappointing !
    Comentario : My friend used the one of the two truffles I bought the second day I received them . The second truffle that was for me started getting mold even if it was closed!so after three days I received it I had to throw it away. I didnt eat them eventually as I was afraid I will get poisoned of this green colour on them.

    Por sobre 27/Marzo/2017 :

    Título : My first experience with psychoactive truffels
    Comentario : My girlfriend and I did those truffels for the first time. She took 7,5g and i took a little bit more. Around 9-10g. There was a little more in the package. We ate the truffels with some yoghurt and jam. The taste was not bad at all. The yoghurt covered it very well. It felt like eating nuts and you need to chew properly unless you wanna have stomachache. So remember, chew them! We sat on the couch and put on some music and it felt quite relaxing. After 45min we started to feel the effects. We didnt have some visuals but my whole body felt warm and it was very nice and comfortable. Then we got really on our trip. We were euphoric and couldnt stop laughing. Everything was so interesting and you just feel pure joy. We decided to go outside. We live in Vienna and we went to the Zentralfriedhof which is a very big cemetery. The place itself is very calm, there are also a lot of trees and it's a beautiful place. We saw some deer running around. We saw a big bunny and we felt that historic place. We read the names on the tombstones, thought about which people they were and those truffles made us think about everything a lot in a very philosophical way. You feel a great connection to the nature. I was very euphoric and still reflective. I was totally clear but everything was so damn interesting and amazing. We also vaped with my Pax3 and it felt amazing. It was an incredible experience. I feel like newborn somehow. It helps you think different and more relaxed. You seem to be easily able to think outside the box. The most incredible thing is that you realise how relative time is. I didnt even look once on the clock. It feels like you experienced so much on that day but in fact it were just a few hours. Our trip lasted for like 6 hours and it felt like a whole day to us. It also felt like a distant memory a few hours after we got down again. It also felt very stressful when we were in human constructions like public transport and supermarkets. It felt like paradise in nature. TL:DR; i can totally recommend these mexicana truffels! I had an amazing experience with my girlfriend. We saw wild animals and thought about the meaning of life while feeling euphoric and warm. I feel very relieved because i was able to look at some personal objects in another perspective. It's like a day off but not from work, from everything. It feels amazing and i wasn't missing the visuals. I had a very beautiful day and i'm looking forward to taking the tampanensis next.

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Desde Rene | 2014-07-19 18:25:07

In der Verpackung ist etwas Feuchtigkeit drinnen...Ist das normal?


It’s perfectly normal for the truffles to produce CO2 gas and therefore the package will expand slightly on it’s way to you. Since truffles mostly consist of water, you might see some moisture inside the packaging as well. As long as the package is still sealed then it’s not a problem if the packet has expanded. If you have any doubts, smell is usually the best indication on whether or not the truffles have gone off. When you open a parcel and the product smells foul, it will have gone off (it’s really hard to miss). If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team with a photo of the package via [email protected]

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