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Kit de Cultivo Zamnesia 'PES Amazonian'

 4.5/5 (208)

    I bought to grow in london as it was summer but didn’t manage to grow with no hopes or avail as the weather constantly started to change and I didn’t have a thermal matt to keep it in control or maybe the package itself was faulty… thats one things that we will never know. Therefore if it a Gold Teacher it would for sure(saying it from experience) so i would like to say as an advice for those in the UK or that lives in a country with similar weather conditions… even if its summer and it looks all good to go i would recommend you to keep it strictly to the upmost possible that you can… eg: area well cleaned, thermal matt and so on… as in Rio(brazil) i had grown it just by leaving outdoors with a piece of cardboard as a shading and it grew while here in the UK)(London) during summer it didnt… as i said… it could have been faulty, my assumptions due to weather conditions or my lack of carelessness as I thought it would be all fine and didn’t get a harvest. So, all i can say is… if you can afford to grown at home by spending a bit more on tool or have the right conditions to grow go for it. Its the best musshie i had so far and by miles away the best experience as I personally have been using mushrooms for therapy due to ptsd(ex “ar” lad)… so i hope that after this review it can help or inspire those in need to better themselves or get back to their normal lives

    J. C.

    Helaas begon de kit bijna onmiddelijk te beschimmelen. Maar dankzij de support die werkelijk geweldig is ,mocht ik een nieuwe uitzoeken. Supersupport Team ,dankjullie allemaal !

    J. R.

    don't know yet
    so there is a little bit of mold visible but no mushrooms growing, probably too hot because of the heat strike and vary variable heat changes in the room

    C. D.

    Loved the wee shrooms, easy no drama just water and wait......

    I. H.

    champignon magique
    très satisfait de vaut produit

    F. D.

    Great mushrooms
    Another great batch of shrooms curtesy of Zamesnia, thank you again guys!

    D. W.

    Poussettes rapides, champis mûr tôt

    A. M.

    Nice strain
    It is a very nice strain, but seems to be a bit sensible

    J. S.

    Amazing Amazonian
    This was a replacement kit. 2 weeks for first pins and harvested 25 grams fresh. Second flush took off rapid and unbelievably 4 days later I harvested 55 grams, they were huge. I did 2.5 grams from first flush, very very potent. Strong trip with incredible visuals. These shrooms are not to be taken lightly, shamanic, spiritual experience. Thx Zamnesia. Will be ordering again soon when my 90 days are up

    J. W.

    Good things come to those who wait!
    It can take a little while to see anything happening with mushroom growing, but with time and patience what a yield! These are some of the better tasting shrooms out there, they give an introspective, happy and lightly trippy visual experience (if you're looking for something a bit more mind blowing and wildly psychedelic I personally recommend McKennaii). I also recommend using the dosage guide when consuming these mushrooms, start with small amounts if you're a novice psychonaut and have a trip sitter close by. Happy trails friends :)

    R. P.

    A bit slower than other kits but works well. The mushrooms were on the smaller side but they were really strong in my opinion. The small size did not mean small yields, they still had some decent weight to them even when dried. Also the colour of the stipe was really pale compared to other varieties i have tested.

    J. H.

    The shipping is so fast and the products are always amazing. I love Zamnesia

    D. R.

    Just starting to pin 2 weeks in.
    Arrived courtesy of Ludo an amazing Customer Service rep. The customer services at Zamnesia are the best I’ve dealt with. Anyway watched the mycelium slowing spread over the casing but it seemed to halt around the 2 week mark. After reading external sources and chatting in forums. I introduced some FAE (fresh air exchange) last night. Today I can see the start of some little baby shrooms. Not many at all but the FAE has definitely helped. I’m really hoping this starts to build more pins or it will be a low yield (granted it does say that in the description about first flush) probably not enough to enjoy the full experience but alas I’ll wait until flush no2 and hope I get the 400-600g wet it describes by the end. So far so good following the instructions albeit introducing my own tactic to help. Overall experience growing so far is a 5 star and very simple. Here’s hoping I can report back with a big yield and amazing experience. You rock Zamnesia :)

    M. R.

    really good
    Got this one as a replacement and with almost perfect fruiting conditions outside and after ca. 7 days I could see the first little pins. Couldn't wait because I didn't had this strain so I picked 25g fresh out for a potency test. Feels promising until now but they seem to need a little longer to peak.

    E. K.

    Very good first flush
    I had this kit arrive around 3 weeks ago, pins started showing after 2 weeks and my first flush is still going! Had around 1 oz dry so far. Great product!

    A. T.

    Li volevo tanto
    il kit è arrivato rotto

    B. M.

    good experience
    side pinning as hell but man, what a harvest...! great 2 flushes and going. took a while more that expected (almost 3 weeks with controlled temperature at 26 celsius degrees) but when it started pinning it was a mushroom explosion! did not try this variety yet but am confident this is gonna be an amazing experience. thanks guyz!

    G. B.

    Hat alles easy geklappt. Danke für das tolle Produkt.

    A. R.

    Amazing service
    Absolutely brilliant site amazing product information with a very prompt delivery will definitely use this site as my number one go to

    A. B.

    Uno dei due kit è arrivato leggermente aperto, ma non ci sono stati problemi. Bei funghi e anche piuttosto potenti

    M. D.

    Recebi tudo como planeado. O produto vinha bem embalado e de excelente qualidade. Obrigado

    H. P.

    Master quality
    I had never get a quality quantity out of a 1200cc like this time! Big yield, most beautiful flushes, I am very happy with! Thx and praise to zamnesia, great job!

    E. L.

    sehr lecker und ergiebig
    die sind sehr lecker (geschmackssache) sowohl frisch als auch trocken oder als Tee hier ging es nach ca 2 Wochen los 1-2 waren etwas früh dran weswegen die Ernte etwas früh Anstand nach dem coldshock dauerte es 2 Wochen bis die Hüte sich erneut zeigten sieht beim 2Ten Flush deutlich gleichmäßiger und mehr aus bin gespannt wie es weiter geht und wieviel noch kommt Wirkung = klare kaufempfehlung

    H. V.

    Brilliant kit. Brilliant service
    This kit, for me, was a replacement for another kit that didn't do its thing. This pes amazonian is absolutely amazing. Growing super fast and strong. The whole cake is about covered in shrooms. I also have to mention that kirsty from zamnesia support is also amazing. She reached out to me to help solve my past problems and has been in constant contact to help me along the way. Outstanding service. Thank-you

    C. W.

    Loving the growing, first flush good, on to the second flush. Thanks

    C. M.

    Mon growkit
    Bien reçu. Tout pousse bien . Encore merci zamnesia. À bientôt.

    S. R.

    PES Amazonia
    Grootste paddo ooit gekweekt, althans voor mezelf. Lekkere dancing vibe

    J. V.

    Sehr Zufrieden
    Der erste Flush kam super! Auf den zweiten warte ich noch.. Bei den McKennai kam der zweite nicht,aber ich bleibe optimistisch.

    L. B.

    Beaucoup de petits...
    Merci à Zamnesia pour son aide et sa compréhension après un premier fiasco. Cette fois-ci j'ai eu beaucoup de têtes à la première récolte. Mais elles sont restées petites. J'attends la deuxième récolte. Peut-être en les vaporisant davantage... Je les recommande!

    H. L.

    Nous on a adoré! Super kit!

    C. C.

    Muss ich dieses Set auch ein paar stunden einweichen oder kann ich es direkt in den beutel stellen und feucht halten ? Danke schonmal :)

    R. W.

    Mr V
    13 days in and I've got my first pes amazonian pins coming through. Very excited to try them asap definitely going to order a few more kits and get a cycle going. Thank you

    J. V.

    Dauert etwas länger, ansonsten ein super kit. Bin sehr zufrieden mit der Sorte.

    C. S.

    Extrem nice
    Tolle Erfahrung, immer wieder gern seh zu empfehlen!!!

    Y. E.

    Growing greatly at the moment
    I bought my kit about a month back already, it arrived in 2 days super fast and I started the process with all faith, took soo long and when I was about to contact the company (around 4 weeks) I just saw the first pin coming up, was super exciting and from then, they have been growing pretty fast, however not the whole box only little side of it, but probably second flush will be bigger.

    N. B.

    On my second flush got about 30g dry out of the first one box is healthy still

    S. F.

    I had a yield of like 9g dry each flush. Waiting for the third flush.

    F. P.

    Sehr zu empfehlen auch für Neulinge
    Da ich mit den Copelandias etwas Probleme hatte, war ich zuerst skeptisch. Ich habe mich genau an die Gebrauchsanweisung gehalten und so sauber wie irgend möglich gearbeitet und siehe da, es hat geklappt! Da ich noch nicht so sicher war bzgl. des Erntezeitpunktes hatte ich vermutlich "nur" 3 Flushes, wobei der dritte eher gering war (nur eine Handvoll). Zusätlich benutzt habe ich eine Heizmatte, auf der ich das Zuchtset direkt (ohne Hitzeschutz) gestellt habe. Das hat meiner Meinung nach viel ausgemacht. Die Wirkung war unbeschreiblich. Dosiert haben wir nach dem großen Rätsch und es war ziemlich so, wie es dort beschrieben steht. Da ich einen empfindlichen Magen habe, hab ich meine Portion als Lemon-Tek zu mir genommen (hab ich hier im Blog gefunden) - keine Übelkeiten oder sonstige unangenehme Begleiterscheinungen, Wirkung wie beschrieben setzte nach 20 Minuten ein und hielt ziemlich exakt 4 Stunden. Mein Freund hat sie so gegessen, bei ihm ist es langsam angeflutet und hat länger gedauert, bis es wieder weg war. Alles in allem klare Kaufempfehlung, auch für Anfänger ;-)

    K. M.

    looks good
    i recieved the box 2 weeks ago, its growing fast and looks good, the first flush ist finished yet but i think its good deal

    H. N.

    hat alles geklappt
    die box kam an und ich fing direkt an. ich habe 3 schübe gehabt . die pilze waren super. ich hab das erste mal welche genommen. man brauch garnicht so viel nehmen um was zu merken . und nach schmeisen auch nur wenig hat allen gefallen. mein freund hat gute erfahrung damit und fand die auch richtig gut und doll. also weiniger ist mehr.

    A. R.

    Bin sehr zufrieden . Alles TOP !!! GERNE WIEDER....

    T. B.

    Great product
    Still going on with my 4th flush, and 50g dried so thats satisfying, and great stems very big ones probably just lucky, but got some spore prints. Havent tried it yet so no idea about potency but should match other cubensis I guess, we'll see. Good product.

    D. B.

    super good box
    fast mycelium and a lot och great flushes! i do recomend!

    R. J.

    service après vente nickel chrome
    Super service après vente ! Mon kit de PES amazonian a complètement foiré, des moisissures noirs on envahi le mycélium... Et Zamnesia m'a gentiment renvoyé un kit flamabant neuf ! Encore merci. Cette fois ci je vais faire bien gaffe et vous tiendrais au courant du résultat !

    E. M.

    1 ère expérience en culture très positive soit 3 cultures au total 25 grammes de champignons séchés
    J'ai effectué 3 cultures en septembre 2022 sans problème. Au total 25 grammes de champignons séchés . Je mange 1à 3 champignons avant de m'endormir. la 2eme culture les champignons mesuraient 15 à 20 cm de hauteur. Magnifique.(j'habite dans une région ou il fait chaut et sûrement, ils ont pleinement profité de la chaleur. Les effet sont très efficaces lors de l' endormissement avec un sommeil réparateur.(j'ai commencé à ingérer 1 champignon puis j'ai augmenté les nombres de champignons séchés progressivement pour voir, s'il y avait d'autres effets mais , je n'ai pas vu d'éléphant rose.(Il dise qu'il faut ingérer 3 grammes de champignons secs ce qui est l'équivalant de 15 à 20 champignons en fonctions de leur taille.) ce qui n'est pas le cas et je préfère les prendre avant de m'endormir. Je suis plus détendue le lendemain. Ps : j'ai mis 3 étoiles ce qui est très bien mais pas 4 car, il n'y a pas eu les effets d'éléphants roses que j'aurais dû apprécier.

    C. B.

    Nettes Halloween
    Genau zu Halloween fand ich eine wunderbare riesige Zauberhut Famile vor1 Wirkung war Megaspitze.Energie und gute Laune non Stop seitdemich hoffe ich hatte Zeitig und richtig geerntet?!Warte und freue mich auf den 2 Schub🤗🥰Die nächste Box wird auf jeden Fall größeri love it

    C. K.

    Nice yield
    I had a very nice yield of like 15 - 20g dry each flush, all together 3 flushes. I buy often and I like Zamnesia for the good customer service.

    A. K.

    587gr of fresh mushrooms in five flushes!
    I was quite surprised with what I got from this box: five flushes with 207, 137, 109, 114 and 20 gr, respectively. A single mushroom on the 3rd flush was 36,5g fresh! Room temperature was constant, around 24-26 C and I've used a smaller plastic bag in the last two flushes. Definitely recommend this product.

    P. R.

    Mejor prehidratado
    Hola. Me gustan más los panes prehidratados me gusta cultivar fuera del taper y así no se puede. Además crece más rápido. Aparte de eso la calidad de las setas excelente como siempre.

    A. R.

    Gave a lot of shrooms
    Happy about this one

    J. D.
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