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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'McKennaii'

 4/5 (550)

    NUL, le pire quitte de culture
    Zéro !! Aucun champignons, et pourtant je ne suis pas a ma première culture de champignons, vraiment très déçu !!!


    Zamnesia super
    Ho ordinato il kit ma per motivi a me sconosciuti ho avuto un raccolto molto scarso. Ho contattato zamnesia che subito ha provveduto a rimandarmi un secondo kit gratuito. La mia esperienza è stata positiva zamnesia segue i propri clienti in maniera eccellente. Quindi posso garantire che lo staff di zamnesia è sempre pronto e disponibile. Grazie zamnesia


    Terrible Customer Service - Didn't worked at all - Waste of time and money - Avoid
    NO GROWING AND ZERO ANSWERS FROM SUPPORT - TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE AVOID!! Hi there, perhaps you're in my same situation, this is your first time trying to grow mushrooms, you've read all the info online and manuals and decided to purchase a grow kit hopping it would be the best effective way to try your own mushrooms and if you have any issues, get the support of long time experts during the process....well you will be as WRONG as I was purchasing this kit. It never grow, small pins just stalled, send them pictures and mails asking for help and support along the way....NOTHING. Waited for 2 weeks before posting this review, as I was hopping they will get back to me, but nothing. SHAME on my money wasted here. No support, the grow kit is just no working and no one bothered to provide an answer or a solution after weeks of reaching out to them. I'm really sad at the money I wasted here, don't follow my steps...


    Chèrement déçu
    Apr√®s 2 semaines de petits d√īmes blanch√Ętres se sont form√©s sur la cro√Ľte du substrat. Une semaine plus tard tout √©tait infest√© de mini mouchettes et les petits d√©buts de champignons ont disparu en quelques jours malgr√© le nettoyage QUOTIDIEN ! J'ai du me r√©signer √† jeter le container d'o√Ļ sortaient les mouchettes. Je pense que je ne recommanderais plus de kit. Je suis d√©√ßu. Les truffes sont un produits que je connais (trop) bien. Je cherchais √† trouver un nouveau trip. Les Mckennaii √©taient pleins de promesses. Sinc√®rement je suis soigneux. J'ai toujours d√©sinfect√© mes mains jusqu'aux coudes √† l'alcool, etc. √Čloign√© des plantes, ouvert tous les jours et vaporis√© √† l'eau min√©rale. Je pense que peut-√™tre il est n√©cessaire de placer le kit dans un terrarium, dans son propre espace... Bref, bonne chance aux courageux.


    you get what you give
    follow the instructions and you wont be disappointed


    wasted money
    I have plenty of experience growing shrooms and was curiios about the "supa-dupa-guaranteed-to-grow-a-lot-supa-quickly"...but when I opened the box and saw the the big holes in the lid of the container as well as in the growing bag, and one little brown spot on the cake, directly under one of the holes underneath the lid, I already knew, whats gonna happen.. Sadly, I was right and all I got was some aborts.. even after refreshing the cake in the fridge 2 times and turning the cake, nothing happened. Threw everything away after about 5 weeks, when the entire cake started to smell nasty.. I ordered fresh mushrooms now again. They know, what theyre doing and I have lots of good experience with them.


    Only few aborts.. disappointed :/
    I have a kit that started growing pins fast, they grew very slowly and stopped growing. Then when I picked them up to get another "flush", the same thing happened again. Also, these all had started to rot inside so I didn't get any shrooms. I hope zamnesia understands and I get a refund (I'm just waiting for an answer, they have very good and friendly customer service, and the delivery was discreet and super fast)


    not growing
    the shrooms never grew although I've done it many times before. this time they simply didnt grow :(


    2 shrooms for 4 kits...
    After 4 times, i can assure you that my hygiène was on point! But there were always contamination in some ways. The only time 2 shrooms grew is the time i had to look on other advices, on the same zamnesia website ... (not adding water until shroom got there). I got confused and they send me another kit wich was appreciated ! But following their advices was terrible !! the next day, mold was everywhere ... not doing shrooms this way again !!


    Worst costumer service ever
    I ordered the kit on the 2021-08-28, once started the growing phase following step by step the manual, i didn't get any mushrooms. I contacted the costumer service for explanation and eventually a refund of the product and till now 8-10-21 didn't get any reply. Years ago was way better this website. You should feel ashamed for how you treat your costumer. We pay your bill remember that.


    Bonjour voilà j'ai recu mon kit début septembre, j'ai bien tout respecté au niveau des consignes gant, gel, masque, eau mineral, ttooout bien mis en place mais malheureusement ce kit s'est contaminé alors bon serait ce possible qu'il soit arrivé contaminé ? En tout cas je suis déçu je m'attendais à quelque chose mais rien du tout, de plus je n'ai eu aucune trombone avec.. j'espère que le service client sera plus à la hauteur que ce kit. Un remboursement ou un renvoi de kit. J'aurais aimé noter leur puissance


    Super Support
    Leider hat das kit nicht so gut performt. Mycel war nicht komplett ausgebildet und schneller schimmel befall trotz korrekter Arbeitsweise. Dank des super Support teams aber kein Problem, habe ohne Aufpreis ein neues bekommen was ein recht guten Ertrag hatte. Immer wieder gerne.


    Consiglio vivamente questi funghetti!


    De momento 2 setas en 13 dias
    No tiene mala pinta, espero que sigan saliendo. La atención de la empresa ha sido espectacular.


    Es erf√ľllt meine Erwartungen. Top Support der mir nach anf√§nglichen schwierigkeiten sehr geholfen und entgeggen gekommen ist. Man muss sehr genau die Anweisungen folgen wenn man Erfolg haben m√∂chte ( Temperatur, Licht, Hygiene...) Danke Zamnesia.


    c etait la premier fois que j essayais d'en faire posser malheureusement pas le moindre champignon j'ai pourtant tout bienrepecté lavage des main desinfectant gants et masque .peut etre trop d,humidité , je re-essaierai avec un qutre kit


    Non saprei
    Acquistato mesi fa un lo stesso prodotto, assieme a dei Golden Teachers, e riuscì a ottenere un buon raccolto da entrambi ed avere fino a fino a 4 flush. Ho recentemente riacquistato i McKennaii, ma questa volta c'è stato un solo primo flush di pochi funghi per poi veder crescere della muffa sul substrato. Le condizioni erano le medesime dell'ultima volta (condizioni di luce, calore, nebulizzatore etc.) ma questa volta son riuscito a ottenere si e no un paio di funghetti.


    Great Customer Service
    The grow itself didn't go great as there was cross contamination. Where that was my fault or not I'm not sure. But on contracting the team, they sent me a free replacement... Which was very much appreciated


    sadly it did't work
    I did everything by the book but nothing happened...I waited for weeks, no mushrooms! Dissapointed


    Acheter 1 kit qui a donner très peu de champignon. Il m’on donner un second en SAV mais pareil du mal à prendre. Pourtant c’est l’été température optimal. Zamnesia et pro et sérieux dans tout les cas. J’aime commander sur leur site. La mauvaise note et surtout à cause du sachet qui je pense et inadapté. Les Trous d’aération du supa gros kit on Une certaines tailles ou les moucherons ou petite mouche peuvent y entrer. Conseille surtout pour zamnesia revoir l’aération les trous sont bien trop gros dommage .


    Zwei mal nichts geworden …
    Anfangs sah es gut aus. Myzel entwickelte sich gut und die Oberfl√§che wurde sch√∂n wei√ü. Darauf folgten die Pins und ab da ging es nicht weiter. Die K√∂pfe spalteten sich, es entstanden Albinos / Mutanten und das Wachstum stoppte komplett. Das traurige ist, dass der super Zamnesia-Support (Danke nochmals !) mir ein zweites zuschickte und genau dasselbe mit dem Kit geschah. Von mir ein klares ‚ÄěFinger weg‚Äú !


    First grower
    Hey there. I just harvested second flush (first cca 18g dried, in case ratio will be the same I estimate 7g dried after second flush). I read that second flush should be better, well maybe I did something wrong as first grower, but I would still recommend this product. Trip on low dosage (cca 1,5g) was not so intensive, but I had no trouble with digestion or nausea at all and I had really great mood.


    Blob Mutation Mckennai
    10 days No pinning Just Fluffy Blotches That Turn into These marshmallow Looking Blob mutants instead of Mushrooms,never had this problem with any of the many kits purchased :/


    Prima oogst en goed te gebruiken voor micro dosering. Er kwamen joekels van paddo's tevoorschijn die makkelijk te oogsten waren. Werking was zeer visueel en langdurig.


    My favorites!
    always a good product. after 10 days came out the first mushrooms. now i’m waiting for the second flush. great customer relationship


    worked pretty well
    easy and fast harvest. weird shape looking mushrooms but no problem for me


    One of the best
    One of the best mushroom kits that I tried. Thank you


    PREMIERE EXPERIENCE premier kit ! bon début ...
    La premi√®re r√©colte n'a donn√© que 64gr de champignons frais, je pense que j'ai mis trop souvent le brumisateur ! La seconde 100Gr, sans brum√©riser et en quelques jours, Je conseille vraiment d'utiliser le petit chauffage √† 15‚ā¨, j'attends pour voir la suite... C'est en lisant les avis que je lis que l'on peut demander conseil au SAV, j'en prends bonne note, et vous tiens inform√© de la suite de mon exp√©rience ... ne sais pas si il faut faire une mise √† froid au frigo pendant 12 heures avant de lancer la 3√®me cuv√©e .... De eerste oogst leverde slechts 64gr verse paddenstoelen op, ik denk dat ik de fogger te vaak heb gebruikt! De tweede 100Gr, zonder nevel en in een paar dagen, Ik adviseer echt om het kleine kacheltje van 15‚ā¨ te gebruiken, ik wacht af wat er gebeurt... Het is door het lezen van de beoordelingen die ik lees dat men kan vragen om advies van de dienst na verkoop, ik neem er goede nota van, en houd u op de hoogte van het vervolg van mijn ervaring ... weet niet of het nodig is om een koude instelling in de koelkast te maken gedurende 12 uur voor de lancering van de 3e vintage ....


    I did everything as mentioned on this side as to how to handle the kit, but sadly only one lousy mushroom appeared and not more after that. Disappointing, not gonna lie. Especially because this Kit was advertised as very easy and high-yield! I was also a little confused if I had to initially soak the mycel or not, because in the beginnig everything just seemed so very dry, but the text does not specify on that so I didn't do it. Now almost 4 weeks later not much happened and it didn't seem that I contaminated anything, it just didn't grew. Well, I contacted the support, let's see If they can help me :D


    Amazing customer service
    The kit arrived real quick and I was excited about it, so I started the growing process right away and paid extra attention to making everything right. Unfortunately, it still got contaminated for some reason. Only two mushrooms grew, and then deflated after one day. I contacted the customer service, and as always, they exceeded my expectations; I only wanted to know what I did wrong or what I could have done differently, but they offered too send me a new kit of my choice right away, without hesitation, and even apologised for the inconvenience. Honestly, I've never experienced a better, more welcoming and lovelier customer service than the one of Zamnesia. You guys are just incredible.


    I ordered these and another grow cit, the "golden Teacher", I treated them exactly the same way, always clean hand, and followed each step in the guide on Zamnesia, well the Golder teacher grow cit now had it¬īs 4th flush and is still going strong while the one from McKennaii is only dissappointing, like after 4 week there was 1 lousy shroom and thats all. 1/10 would not recommend at all.


    Mein absoluter Favorit
    Man muss etwas geduldig sein bei SupaGrow, jedoch lohnt sich das warten! Riesige m√§chtige Pilze die es in sich haben. Das einzige was mir nicht gef√§llt, ist die fehlende Anleitung in im Lieferumfang. Man muss aufpassen das man sich nicht versehentlich die falsche Anleitung zu dem Growkit anschaut! Den SupaGrow und FreshGrow m√ľssen komplett anders behandelt werden! Bei SupaGrow zu dem auch aufpassen, dass sobald die K√∂pfe zu sehen sind, man keine Feuchtigkeit mehr hinzugibt, am besten sogar das Growbag offen lassen. Ich hatte mehrmals SupaGrow und habe das festgestellt. Man steigert sein Ertrag wenn man dies beachtet.


    The first time the kit had molded straight away. Zamnesia had given me credit for a take back. This is what I did and it is the same again. Everything is moldy. I had taken grow kits in the past and had lots of mushrooms so there is clearly a problem with their new grow kits. To be avoided absolutely.


    If I could put zero star I would! I respected all the sanitary process as I always do since more than 10 years. I had in total 10 mushrooms after 3 weeks (it never took so long ever) and all of them were like sick with a kind foam on top. I started a communication with the client service and they asked to send pictures. They were nice and professional. If the growing kit was not doing as expected they would nicely propose a solution. I did everything they asked and now it's been 1 month I'm sending an email every week and nobody is replying anymore like nothing happened and like I do not exist. I'm a client and there mission is trying to satisfying me/us as best as possible, not doing a radio silence. Then I've checked other comments for this growing kit and I've seen many other comments like mine which means the problem clearly comes from Zamnesia and we're paying the price. NOT PROFESSIONAL AT ALL!!!! ZAMENSIA YOU'RE SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT. I'M NOT RECOMMENDING AT ALL THAT PRODUCT


    Sturdy I guess
    I contaminated the kit by accident and still got some mushrooms out of it. Not to many but than again it was my own fault.


    Sehr gutes Kit, hat alles super funktioniert. Das Ergebnis hat mich echt √ľberrascht! Lieferung und Zustand des Produktes wiedermal Top!


    Scarso rendimento ma problema risolto
    Nonostante io abbia seguito alla lettera le istruzioni, il kit sta dimostrando un rendimento abbastanza scarso rispetto a quelli acquistati anni fa. Ho contattato l'assistenza di Zamnesia e abbiamo trovato una soluzione in tempi rapidissimi. Zamnesia is the best :)


    All in all very good
    Had a bit of a bad luck with Supa Gro kits recently, for some reason the Golden Teacher strain was really struggling in the beginning to grow.. Once they make it tho, they absolutely blow up! Interestingly also, the McKennai strain did not have any problems in the same conditions, under the same amount of time. This shows me what an important role genetics plays and there is a huge difference between cubes and cubes even. All in all I must say, I am very happy about my choice, to go with the original old strain of McKennai. These mushrooms are not only very strong even compared to Golden Teacher for example, but also have the best genetics. Beautiful mushrooms and fast, aggressive colonization and growing rates, also very resistant to contamination. The best, I swear. And don't get me wrong, Golden Teacher is still a wonderful strain with much to teach you. It is just interesting to experience how different they are and yet so similar. Almost as if.. they have their own personalities...


    unfortunate for the supa grow kit but the mckennaii was amazing
    I had to have the supa grow kit for mckennaii replaced a few times which zamnesia was great about. I had more success with a grow you soak first, instead of the supa grow kit. Don't know why, is what it is. Was definitely worth the wait, recommend!


    Amazing Experience!!
    Guys, I would love to spend many many words like I did with my closest friends talking about what I experienced, but they would be too many, so listen to me, just follow the instructions to grow them, dry them properly, chew them slowly and get ready to communicate with all the living things in this world, all the portals will finally open and you'll be at the centre of all the energies of the universe, believe me.


    Kit got contaminated !
    This kit didn't grow at all any shrooms... But I don't know why, I strictly followed the instructions and recommendations, and after three weeks the kit was contaminated! Now I am in contact with the kindly Zamnesia Support, and we will find a suitable solution!


    Moyennement satisfaite
    Apres 1 mois presque je récolte le premier flush, jusque là assez fidèle à la description au niveau du temps. Malgré la culture dans de bonnes conditions, j'ai trouvé que les premières têtes ont mis vraiment longtemps à apparaitre. Pour la récolte, très peut de gros champs (5/30), et vraiment beaucoup de tout petit (à peine 2 cm). Deux des gros ont une sorte de mousse sur le chapeau qui a commencé à moisir (style mousse verte) et deux autres on le chapeau fendu (peut être normal mais cela ne m'est jamais arrivé auparavant). Je ne recommande pas ce kit, j'ai préféré l'expérience d'autres marques vendues par Zamnesia. Peut être que mon problème est spécifique à SupaGro, et avez vous eu le même problème sur vos kits ?


    Qu'est-ce qui se passe ?
    C'est loin d'√™tre mes premi√®res box, d'habitude je me d√©brouille bien mais l√†, malgr√© les m√™mes actions que d'habitude, le premier flush de DEUX box m'a donn√© 6 tout petits champignons qui ont d√©cid√© de s'ouvrir trop t√īt et un gros mutant bizarre (une masse difforme de champignon) croit sur le c√īt√© et va finir par casser la bo√ģte, la derni√®re fois que j'ai command√© un Supa Gro (qui est normalement ma marque favoris) il est arriv√© la m√™me chose, je me demande si les box Supa Gro de Zamnesia n'ont pas un probl√®me derni√®rement.


    Ne basta poco per entrare nel mondo degli elfi


    The best Shroomshop
    The best Shroomshop online! There are very professionals, my kits don't work and they creat a voucher for me. Very serious you can't go on website without hesiation ! Thks again zamnesia ūü§ė


    Don’t let the name trick you
    I have recently bought this kit. Under perfect conditions the first pins appeared after 3 1/2 weeks only to get contaminated and die. Luckily zamnesias customer support was very helpful and sent me another supa gro kit. Now it has been over 4 weeks and the only thing that grew was mold.


    Je n‚Äôai pu effectuer aucune r√©colte √©tant donn√© que rien n‚Äôa pouss√©. J‚Äôai pourtant respect√© √† la lettre le manuel. De la ¬ę¬†moisissure¬†¬Ľ blanche s‚Äôest d√©velopp√© l√©g√®rement la premi√®re semaine puis apr√®s cela, la box a totalement arr√™t√© d‚Äô√©voluer. R√©sultat, depuis 3semaine elle est au m√™me stade c‚Äôest √† dire : RIEN. Je ne recommande pas du tout cette box SUPA GROS.


    Soweit sehr gute Qualität
    Wundersch√∂nes Mycel, einfach g√∂ttlich. Das schwierige ist die extrem dicken Kuchen mit Wasser zu f√ľllen da kaum Platz ist, desweiteren sind L√∂cher im Beutel. Aber werde ich schon irgendwie hinkriegen :)


    Super service commercial
    Suite à un souci avec autre kit, un nouveau m'a été envoyé, un grand merci à toute l'équipe pour sa super réactivité et sa sympathie. Le nouveau kit marche bien, plein de pins sont apparus, première récolte à venir.


    Service client incroyable
    Mon premier kit ne marchait pas alors ils ont decider de m'en renvoyer un, service client très réactif et essais vraiment de donner la meilleure experience possible.

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