Trufas Mágicas Pajaritos


El término castellano de Pajaritos hace referencia al pequeño tamaño del esclerocio individual. Pero no te dejes engañar por su bonito nombre – estas trufas mágicas harán que esos pajaritos gorjeen en tu cerebro. 7,5 gramos es cantidad suficiente para una primera experiencia de un viaje filosófico, social y creativo. Una cepa de suave a media potencia con una clasificación de 3 de 5.

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Trufas Mágicas Pajaritos - Pajaritos en tu cerebro



Volad pajaritos… 7,5 gramos de estos pajaritos no te enseñarán a volar, pero notarás un cambio – un cambio de paisaje y de opinión. Te sentirás increíblemente vivo y eufórico, con ligeros escalofríos recorriéndote el cuerpo de vez en cuando. El pensamiento creativo y original y los estallidos de risas son casi inevitables – sobre todo cuando estás teniendo un viaje en compañía de amigos en los que confías 100%.


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Nota: Todas nuestras trufas mágicas son frescas y se pueden almacenar en la nevera durante un máximo de dos meses. Una vez abierto el envase, consúmelas en 2 días.

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Reseñas (225)

    Half package dose - Pleseant
    This strain is light for me. Half a dose (about 7 grams) made me feel light and entretained. But nothing else. I felt it super light.


    Helps with PTSD
    Munched on a bag of Pajaritos a couple of days ago and found it helpful for processing trauma. This is useful beyond any recreational purpose. I've been searching for emotional relief and understanding. Psilocybin does provide catharsis for those skeletons in your closet. Spent a nice evening at home listening to music and doing some much needed serious self-reflection. I can see clearly now why my temper over the years has soured and have found a means to let go of my emotional baggage. There is no hangover nor any other detrimental side effect as far as I can tell. On the contrary, I feel lighter, less bitter, more patient. It's not strong or addictive in my opinion. This is the next best thing after exercise. Couldn't recommend it more.


    Muy buenas
    Muy buenas


    J'ai avalé les 15g puis j'ai été boire un café en terrasse avec un ami pendant 2h j3h e pensais tripper rien du tout juste des frissons comme rapporté par zamnesia


    das erste mal :)
    Habe den ersten trip mit parajitos erlebt und es war ein sehr tolles erlebnis … nach 1 stunde fast nichts gespürt und da ich keine geduld hatte beschloss ich noch eine portion zu nehmen also insgesamt 18g hab ich konsumiert . es hat mich wild auseinander genommen haha und meine freundin genauso was auch 2 portionen konsumiert hat also insgesamt 12g . wir hatten einen sehr schönen abend mit viel lachen und herum blödeln . bin sehr zufrieden mid zamnesia , habe 4 mal bestellt und alles hat geklapt . werde in zukunft weiter hier mich vergnügen und einen schönen trip euch allen gg


    Personal review
    Tripping right now, thanks to these little ones i return to my strongest and powerful woman crating something beautiful recreating myself into something better. Shit it also hilarious ohh dear dont underestimate this, i knew it would hit strong af. First i was like dead inside but its blooming like a flower inside you. Thank you zamnesia


    The most beautiful experience I've had
    I took 15g of (Pajaritos). For the first hour I chilled at home. And then went outside, (2isham - 6:40am). I just gotta say, nature is something else, it really is. I payed extreme detail to everything. From fallen branches, to the sounds of the wind, random sings, traffic lights, falling leaves, the abyss of a sky above me. At first it was idk, unnatural, but gradually I felt more comfortable until I went down this bike lane, which had trees to the left and right, also on the right there is a river with a lot of flora. I took my hoodie off as the birds, who energeticly, happily reacted to that, flew with me down the lane, chirping in synch as like they were talking to me, maybe explaining something, guiding me, the trees whistled majesticly and drops of water fell from them occasionally, sounds were really amplified after i took off my hoodie, it was such an amazing experience, I just looked at so many things, appreciated them and felt like the nature thanked me for understanding its true beauty, it almost felt like the nature had reactions to my thoughts and actions, insane stuff, at some point i started turning back, there were, a small brown bird which immediately flew away when i saw it, these two little black birds playing with each other, what was left of a really old tree, which was really cool to see, just because of how old it is. And then, then I couldn't believe my fucking eyes. I dont know, I'll research it later, but before me was this majestic big bird. It felt almost alien, but at the same time more human than humans, i guess it's just nature, it felt like we stared at each other for ages, I admired it for so long, until finally it flew away. Then I walked back home, feeling the best I ever did in my life, thinking about stuff in a way I couldn't before. Appreciating this awe of an experience. And here I am finally home reflecting, writing this, probably I've forgotten so many little details which seemed so important and astonishing...ah the sheer elegance of that trip... Um, some interesting things i thought about was how there is this language barrier between us and nature (animals), also some weird things that when you are on psychedelics - animals surround you, show interest and curiousity and are not afraid of you, they allow you to be close but still keep perfect distance. Its so mind-blowing Hm to add when I was slowly becoming more comfortable with nature i gradually just turned the volume of my music down and down until i just turned it off and let the nature be the music, was the best decision of the night after going out :dd I also found out some answers to my personal problems through the increased thinking I had. Thanks for reading. This was such a beautiful experience. I wanna cry. I thank nature and the truffles for letting me experience it and I wish anyone to have a similiar trip. The big majestic bird was a Purple Heron Just realizing Parajitos means little birds and my trip was all around birds, absolutely insane


    J'adore les effets de cette variété que je mélange souvent à d'autres, plus puissantes, pour avoir le bon effet. Les pajaritos provoquent des fourmillements dans le corps, cette sensation est agréable et pas trop forte non plus. 15 à 20 grammes sont bien pour ma part mais j'aime bien mélanger deux ou trois variétés ...


    Super Chill
    Me encantan estas trufas porque no son tan fuerte pero si que te lleva a otra dimensión. Mucha introspección e energía positiva fue para mi.


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Trufas Mágicas Pajaritos
Trufas Mágicas Pajaritos
Trufas Mágicas Pajaritos
Trufas Mágicas Pajaritos
Trufas Mágicas Pajaritos
Trufas Mágicas Pajaritos
Trufas Mágicas Pajaritos
Trufas Mágicas Pajaritos
Trufas Mágicas Pajaritos
Trufas Mágicas Pajaritos