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Extracto de Salvia 40x (0.5 gramos)

Extracto de Salvia 40x (0.5 gramos)

Sólo para consumidores muy experimentados y chamanes mexicanos acreditados! Este es el extracto de salvia más potente que tenemos. Estás avisado!

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    Por sobre 27/Dic/2016 :

    Título : Fantastic product
    Comentario : Quality: This extract is awesome. Very good extract - No stems. Only problem was, that the leaves were very small so you might consider to add a little base in your bowl before adding the Salvia. Shipping: Shipping to a country in Europe worked fine, very fast. Only 2 days and I had my package. The product was packed very discreet. My first Trip with this extract: Don't be scared of the intensity of this substance. It isn't as scary as you might think. You can have a breakthrough with this extract for sure. I almost had a complete breakthrough with my first exp. I was pulled backwards and a colidoscope visual made me think about... Nothing. I forgot almost everything and my body was feeling like the ocean, like beeing connected with everything. Not like my own small body. I said hello multiple times. Then I was kind of angry and told them that my Salvia-Vehicle didn't worked exactly as I wanted. They were okey with that and I said I would come back later. I felt connected. Must have been some personalitys of my own. Thank's for reading my product review.

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    Por sobre 17/Oct/2016 :

    Título : Lady Salvia helped me remember the truth...
    Comentario : Not for everyone, very intense.. I smoked Salvia before, but it's never easy..I sensed someone is here that I am very familiar with and the reality began to show me it's real face...everything was frame stacking and I remembered that this is the only truth and hoped to get back to this dream we name life. You can't unlearn what you see and feel with Lady S.

    Por sobre 08/Sept/2016 :

    Título : Use with caution
    Comentario : Only recommend for use by experienced psychonauts, was extremely potent and took me places I didn't think existed. Use with caution as you will not be able to distinguish what is real and what isn't.

    Por :

    El cliente ha valorado el producto pero no ha dejado una reseña

    Por sobre 24/Mayo/2016 :


    Por sobre 20/Abr/2016 :

    Comentario : Couldnt tell what was real and what wasnt. FOR EXPERIENCED PSYCADELIC USERS ONLY! Was not ready for that at all. Took 5 days to ship to finland :D so potent i dont think ill buy this kind again. Probably will move down to 20x extract.

    Por sobre 15/Marzo/2016 :

    Título : Produit très fort mais excellent
    Comentario : Donc septique comme je suis je réceptionne mon colis et test tout de suite dans une douille le produit. Volet fermer dans mon appart lumière éteinte avec mon pote surveillant de voyage. Bien installé dans mon canapé au moment où j'allais dire ça marche pas le plafond c'est séparer du mur tout s'est ouvert pour laissé place à un monde envahi d'une lumière blanche étincelante. Mon pote apparaissait dans ce blanc uniquement quand il me parlait pour disparaître ensuite. Au bout de 5 min les murs sombre réapparaissent et semble s'écrouler sur moi je cris paniquer sa s'écroule me lève et par en courant reprendre mes esprits finalement dans le couloir.. C'est vraiment fort! À conseiller aux septiques. Les voyages font paniquer et le retour vous essoufle mais finalement sa donne quand même envie de réessayer mais pas tout seul.. ;-)

    Por sobre 15/Marzo/2016 :

    Título : Das Zeug ist echt Hardcore : )
    Comentario : Geiles Zeug- unbeschreiblich in der Wirkung. Obwol es echt auch extrem teuer ist werde ich es mir auf jeden Fall öfter holen es lohnt sich. Und mal ein GANZ großes Lob an den Kundenservice ihr seid echt Super.

    Por sobre 19/Feb/2016 :

    Título : Great product!
    Comentario : I used this for my virgin-trip to another place! I smoked a bit and holded it for 20-30 seconds. First thing I noticed was a feeling of "high" I said it to my friend and after I said those words, I flew away. It was mindblowing, it made me see how easy it is for our minds to get out of control. Anyway, I still smoke this sometimes. It helps me sleep and makes me feel better.

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