Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'


La seta mágica Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher hizo su primera aparición a finales de los 80. Se desconoce su origen, pero está claro a qué hace referencia su nombre - los sombrerillos tienen un color dorado y su efecto te puede enseñar nuevas perspectivas. Se pueden obtener varios lotes - y lo único que se necesita es un poco de paciencia.

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Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher': Enseña nuevas perspectivas

La cepa de setas mágicas Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher hizo su primera aparición en el mercado a finales de la década de los 80. Se desconocen tanto su origen como su descubridor, pero la razón de su nombre es evidente. Los sombrerillos son de color dorado y tiene la capacidad de enseñar nuevas perspectivas.

Los kits de cultivo de setas alucinogenas "Fresh Mushrooms" únicamente contienen 1.200 ml de centeno colonizado. Este kit está listo para usar nada más llegar a tu puerta - lo único que necesitas para cultivar tus propias setas mágicas, es un poco de paciencia.

Manual de Fresh Mushrooms


  • Caja de cultivo de 1200 ml
  • Bolsa de cultivo
  • 2 Clips

Usa Nuestra Calculadora De Dosis De Setas Mágicas

Volumen 1200ML
Brand Fresh Mushrooms
Variedad Golden Teacher

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Reseñas (136)

    The kit was wonderfull , Tracking not so good
    The kit went smooth as advertised, harvested first flush in 1 week and a half, the second in 4 days after. The kit arrived in 1 week. Ordered to Europe. Tracking of the shipment was not good at all, i had to use other tracking sites to find that my package was already in the postal office in my country. Other than that everything went smoothly. Thanks zamnesia for a great kit ! Will order more


    Ego Death and Cosmic Oneness
    Yesterday I took a very high dose and experienced a life altering journey. I found myself becoming free of all ego and sensing a complete connectedness to the universe. I felt forgiveness, unconditional love and deep gratitude. I learned what was at the root of the pain I have tried to numb with alcohol and know now what I have to do. I am grateful. I had some problems with the first kit I received, but customer support helped me out and I am a very happy (atm also exhausted) customer :)


    Super sa pousse
    Sa pousse bien et assez rapide avec du 100% mycelium cependant j'ai une une maigre récolte surement les condition de culture n’était pas optimum malgré un tapis chauffant et pousse sur le coté de la box qui as épuiser le pain au bout du 3 eme flush a retenter l'experience dans de meilleur conditions pour ma part


    Really good trip
    I recommanded Zamnesia and this Golden teacher too, really good trip


    So far everything is going great Customer service is very nice and helpful. I truly hope the power of zamnesia continues.


    Good Yield but no real effects?
    The delivery came fast and after 4 days the first pins showed and just 12 days after ready to harvest. I ate like first 25 grams fresh mushrooms no effect then ate like 50 gramm more. I felt something but not more colorful or strange things appeared. Felt more like a headache than a real trip i dont know.


    Now cultivating
    It came at perfect shape and now it's cultivating. When consume I will update the review


    Very happy with it!
    Arrived 4 working days after ordering to Central Europe! 6 days later 1st pins appeared. They grew real quick. I harvested 3 days after the first pins appeared. 140 grams wet and around 10 grams dried. A lot started growing on the sides so I put the cake in a bigger box and turned the cake on its side for the 2nd flush, which was quite small. I'm using it for microdosing. 0.08 grams seem to be enough for me to have a pleasant day and sleep good. Tried it to increase my energy level, because I just felt constant fatigue. Fatigue is gone from the very first moment. I feel normal and young again. (I'm 45.) I'm also using less pain killer for headaches that come with weather fronts. Room temperature was between 19 and 20.5 and I still used the heat mat. Thank you!


    Excellent quality!


    Disappointed by the second flush
    The first flush was quite satisfying, although the mushies were not as big as in the photo. The cake was a lot smaller than the box and the mushies ended up growing mostly on the sides, which was tricky at harvest time. I am now at the second flush, which looks much poorer than the first, contrary to what I read about it. While harvesting, it was not clear to me whether or not I should pick the tiny heads that did not develop, as I did not find this point mentioned in the instructions. For the price paid, I was expecting a much more successful second flush really.

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Vídeo (2)
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    Esterilla Calefactora para Setas de Zamnesia

    Diseñada para conservar la temperatura óptima de los kits de cultivo de setas alucinógenas, esta esterilla electrónica ayuda a garantizar el éxito. Comprueba cómo se usa y cómo rinde en comparación con cultivos en los que no se utiliza.

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    Cultivar setas mágicas es fácil y divertido. En este video te mostramos cómo se utilizan los kits de cultivo "Fresh Mushrooms".

Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'
Kit de Cultivo Fresh Mushrooms 'Golden Teacher'