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Jeringuilla de esporas Mondo Psilocybe Cubensis Ecuador

 4.5/5 (27)

    Just wish you had more exotic spores too

    F. W.

    Come sempre regolari

    A. N.

    Kann ich nur weiter empfehlen!

    C. L.

    Quality service
    I honestly found this syringe to be a lot harder to get any success, and much less forgiving. But the crew at Zamnesia are top-notch so still 5 stars from me.

    J. M.

    Top product
    Very good

    N. W.

    Pretty and big mushrooms!
    This product produced some fast growing mycelium that eventually made some beautiful, large mushrooms. Recomend to first timers.

    M. B.

    Pilze sind immer toll und die hir waren auch super

    A. O.

    No Sporen were in the syring
    I checked the syringe for spores with a magnifying glass. I could not find any spore particles. The spores did not form any mycelium after I injected them into the substrate. Others, however, did.

    M. S.

    Pretty awesome Spores !
    The colonization rate on both agar and LQ are very fast and aggressive ! I`m about to inoculate some grain spawn spawns soon and probably the shrooms will be epic as well ! 10/10 so far Zamnesia !

    A. P.

    Gutes Produkt
    Habe die spritze kühl gelagert, wird erst in einigen wochen getestet.

    B. M.

    Siringa a sorpresa!
    In fase di acquisto c'è scritto che la siringa è da 10 ml. Il pacco è arrivato nei tempi stabiliti e la siringa non era da 10 ml ma da 20 ml Grandissima sorpresa!!!! Ho inoculato 4 barattoli con il metodo pf tek con incredibili risultati... 4 barattoli con la segale stanno andando alla grande!!! Aspetto il raccolto. Sono veramente contento!

    R. P.

    Funktioniert ohne Probleme/Works without Problems
    Ich habe 15 Packungen Uncle Bens Expressreis mit den Sporen geimpft.(Uncle Bens tek) und musste nur 2 wegen Schimmel wegwerfen was allerdings nicht an der Sporenspritze lag sondern an mangelnder Hygiene. Die restlichen 13 Tüten waren nach gut 2 Wochen durchwachsen und konnten weiterbehandelt werden. 20ml finde ich für den Preis ok und man bekommt ein sauberes Produkt. --- I have inoculated 15 packs of Uncle Bens express rice with the spores.(Uncle Bens tek) and had to throw away only 2 because of mold which, however, was not due to the spore syringe but to lack of hygiene. The remaining 13 bags were grown through after a good 2 weeks and could be further treated. 20ml I find ok for the price and you get a clean product.

    M. W.

    rapide et peu d'entretien

    A. L.

    Fair price for the quality
    I do recommend those spores! It’s way cheaper that grow-kits. It might be cheaper on another websites, but zamnesia has much benifits as gifts, delivery time, efficient support, many discounts and much more.

    G. A.

    No growth
    I've been into amateur mycology for awhile now, and I'm pretty sure I received a bunk syringe. I've inoculated two weeks ago and one agar plate grew a contaminant (appears to be penicillum), two plates appear bacterial and the rest show no growth at all. I also inoculated eight jars of grain straight, which show no growth at all. One of the jars is starting to look slimey, so it's probably infected with bacteria as well. I'm aware that spore syringes are inherently hit-or-miss, but this is the second syringe I bought from Zamnesia that appears to be low quality. I work in a SAB and I have confidence in my sterile technique. I guess I'll just buy a colonized bag of grains and clone from that.

    M. B.

    Good and reliable service
    Product is doing very well, and am pleased with delivery and client care. I will definitely use Zamnesia again. Thanks.

    M. E.


    A. I.

    Top. Nach 15 Tagen vollständig kolonisiert

    C. R.

    Great for research
    Splendid customer care, fast delivery, high quality and vitality of spores for my laboratory.

    R. Č.

    Awaiting results but all good so far
    Received swiftly and was kept informed of delivery. Have successful sterilised and inoculated cakes and all seems to be going well, (no contamination of syringes). Have yet to birth them so cannot comment on the shrooms at this moment!

    A. B.

    these guys offer a very good service , its personal and they are available for questions and they deliver. I had a few issues with my deliver , Mick and Zamnesia were there to deal with my questions and re delivered in 3 days, This is confidence , All I can say is Brilliant and thank you Sooty

    S. S.

    Great product
    Totally recomend, fast delivery and good spores!

    F. #.

    Rampant growth
    Its... alive....

    T. B.

    Great product!
    All as expected.

    H. B.

    Got what i ordered. Good product :)

    V. S.

    Ricevuto in poco tempo , ora in fase di coltivo!! i risultati si vedono !

    R. B.
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