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Kit de Cultivo Zamnesia 'B+'

 4.5/5 (303)

    Ca pousse vite
    Pour l’instant tout va bien, ça pousse vite

    C. N.

    Ottimo Acquisto
    Veramente soddisfatto

    A. C.

    A bit disappointed
    Arrived in less than a week in the UK and with clear instructions on how to prepare everything. However, I've only got 2 small flushes of around 80g (fresh)/7.5g (dry) each and the vast majority of the mushrooms were either on the sides and at the bottom of the cake, making the harvest quite difficult. The other let down was the potency of them. I'm usually quite sensitive to psilocybin/psilocin and didn't feel anything with a 1g (dry) dose. After harvesting the 3rd flush it's been more than 2 weeks and no signs of a third flush coming.

    C. R.

    Very good
    Good Box, Very much mushrooms.

    P. P.

    Dieses mal Pech gehabt
    Diese Box gab nicht viel Ausbeute her. Bei anderen Boxen von Zamnesia hatte ich nie was zu meckern. Die Flushs waren aber in der Menge enttäuschend. Die Wirkung mit Lemontek war sehr intensiv. Hoffe die nächste Box wird stabiler.

    D. G.

    Zamnesia b+ kit
    Amazing variety. Great potency. Easy to grow. If you follow the instructions you can count on several flushes. Have in mind that the cups don't open widely before the vail starts to tear. So don't be to late by harvesting. Customer service was great and zamnesia replaced immediately a defect kit I received. Highly recommended.

    T. P.

    always works, way better than supa gro or others, last time 5 flushes !!!

    S. B.

    Precio y producto muy bien
    Muy bien para principiantes

    S. V.

    Pour une 1ere fois pour moi, flush moyen .on verra au 2ème..pas dessus en tout cas

    M. C.

    Très satisfaite
    J’en suis à mon 4 ème flush et le kit ne fatigue pas, il donne même plus de fruits et leur taille augmente au fur et à mesure des cycles, je suis satisfaite de ce produit.

    R. J.

    Pretty amazing results after help
    My box came mashed in the mail and then despite going by the instructions it for some reason moulded zamnesia replaced it and it worked amazingly well done

    A. O.

    Great Yield, Strong effect
    I’ve tried many grow kits but so far this one seems to give the best yield and extra strong product. My usual microdose of 0.3g (of golden teacher) was way too strong; I’ve had to lower to 0.15g with this strain.

    A. T.

    Très bon kit
    Comme d'habitude excellent kit, premier flush au bout de 9j

    J. W.

    Great outcome!
    Very happy with the kit. Have had several now shipped to uk and never any problems so no concerns on that front! This kit in particular has on its first flush (only took a week to pin on a heat mat between 23/25degrees) produced 140g wet/14g dry. The growing process is so simple if you follow the instructions, you can’t go wrong! If anything does seem to be wrong (contamination or struggling with the kit), customer service here is faultless and always go out their way to provide a solution whether it be a new kit sent or voucher. Honestly, I can’t fault the company! As for the mushrooms, wow! Took a 2g dried dose and had the best time! Euphoria, visuals, laughter, you name it! I’m a newbie to it all, but have found it such a nice simple process and it’s produced a fantastic experience! You will not be disappointed!

    E. R.

    J'ai eu une moisissure sur la première box zamnezia à étais très réactif. Le kit produit vraiment bien j'en suis au deuxième flush et je suis déjà presque à 30 g je recommande

    P. N.

    Mushrooms Kit Zamnesia
    really good, all was ok till now, I have got very good mushrooms with the Kit Zamnesia B+, I still did no eat them. Very good service and assistance. DC

    D. C.

    it's working
    Instantly and continuously. Thx

    R. G.

    I am currently at my 6th cycle with 1 of those kit, had 5 cycles with the 2 others I had ordered. So I am very happy. The power and the spirit of the mushroom and the ancestors contained in that kit just wanna blossom, spread and give love. You understood it right, I had 6 cycles with 1 of those kits, so if you do everything right, with passion, patience and love, you should expect excellent results and great harvests.

    R. L.

    100% Myzel, startet nicht ganz so schnell wie die Golden Teacher im Wachstum,aber mit etwas Geduld ein weiteres gelungenes Experiment.

    P. B.

    Very Strong Trip
    After one week taking 3,5g, this time i took 5g dried of this strain mixed with lemon and tee. After one hour time completely stopped and i was thrown to another planet with a beautiful mixture of innocence and satisfaction. Many colorful visuals and dancing texts. A sense of complete oblivion. You think to yourself that you asked Google the question you asked five minutes ago, it was actually ten years ago, and that Tab still remain open from that time.... I hope I was able to put some of this experience on a [digital] paper Anyway, Thanks to Zamnesia team for your best support and for giving us such a beautiful and meaningful experience.

    R. M.

    Very Happy
    Im very Happy about b+ Slowly growing but First flush ..oh wow!! now im at the second flush

    A. C.

    Arrivato con contenitore rotto
    Arrivato con contenitore del kit spaccato ci sto provando lo stesso a farlo con un contenitore diverso con tutte le problematiche annesse

    W. P.

    B plus
    Early days but something is happening

    M. S.

    Grow kit
    Does as supposed too and customer service is really good and helpful

    D. D.

    Super Kit
    Deze kits gaan echt zeer goed. In het begin panniekeerde ik even, omdat de kit zeer traag op gang kwam. Nu zit ik aan mijn vijfde flush en de kit blijft produceren. In mindere maten als de vorige flushen. Maar nog altijd stevige paddenstoelen. De paddo zelf is ook goed. Mooie grote paddos, werken goed en trippen zalig. Tot nu toe mijn beste kit. (Ik gebruik wel een warmte mat.)

    T. M.

    Les instructions étaient claires, et les B+ sont costaud

    A. A.

    Happy man
    Amazing service as usual. My Mckennai turned out well for my frist ever go. However, for my second go.. the B+ have come out better than i could have ever hoped! Just dried and capsuled some... effects pending haha

    J. K.

    Vielen Dank…. Alles hat perfekt funktioniert. Absolut empfehlenswert

    C. H.

    Feine Sache ;)
    Hatte zuerst eine Kontamination, wodurch das erste Set unbrauchbar war. Aber nachdem ich dem genialen Zamnesia Support ein paar Fotos geschickt habe, wurde das Produkt anstandslos ersetzt und sogar eine zusätzliche Kompensation draufgepackt. Dafür schon mal Nachdem die Box jetzt 10 Tage mit Heizmatte im Schrank steht, explodiert es förmlich.... ganze Fläche bedeckt mit wunderschönen, fingergroßen Pilzen. Bisher bin ich absolut zufrieden mit der Box und schon massiv auf die Wirkung gespannt! Silvester kann kommen ;)))

    D. M.

    Bon kit
    Kit plutôt productif . Mais capricieux pour moi et sur le dessus malgré les conditions de pousse réunis . Mais ça reste un bon kit dans l’essemble.

    J. L.

    Juste ma préférée variété.
    Sûrement psychologique mais a chaque fois que je trouve que du positif avec les B+ aucun stress ni angoisse pas de problème de nausée même avec une dose héroïque ! Bref que de la liquéfaction ruisselant de diamants c est juste divin et magnifique y a rien de folie ou d arrière pensée dans ses champignons que de l amour ... Merci je vais me faire une cure tous les 4 mois je crois xd pour ma dépression

    T. C.

    Great product
    I am not an experienced grower and having ordered two kits I am very pleased with the output and quality of the B+ mushroom grow kit. First kit is now on a good 4th flush!

    J. G.

    Great product
    I am not an experienced grower and having ordered two kits I am very pleased with the output and quality of the B+ mushroom grow kit. First kit is now on a good 4th flush!

    J. G.

    Great product
    I am not an experienced grower and having ordered two kits I am very pleased with the output and quality of the B+ mushroom grow kit. First kit is now on a good 4th flush!

    J. G.

    Great service
    First time when I’ve got this I was kinda disappointed because there were some quality issues. However, I am totally satisfied because Zamnesia will never let you be unsatisfied. You should always contact them first before writing a bad review.

    I. S.

    Slow growers
    If I managed to grow them, anyone can. Really slow at popping up from the soil, but patience will finally be paid back.

    N. M.

    Bon matos
    Super matos, correspond a la description, 5eme flush jusqu'a aujourd'hui avec 44 grammes sec. Merci zamnesia

    V. C.

    Non Plus Ultra
    Have been a customer of Zamnesia since 2014 and continue to be a customer because of their unsurpassed customer service and high-quality products. Have begun to order their Zamnesia shrooms again. The fact that they are not 100% mycelium makes me suspect that they are less prone to any infections during transportation. Strong flushes albeit a bit short for my liking. I have had B+ up to 30cm in height, These have maxed at +/- 10cm, which is OK. Hope they add eventually some A+ and Moby Dick grow kits to their collection. They are both available in spore syringes but not in grow kits.

    M. C.

    Ich bin verzaubert... nachdem mein erster Versuch missglückt ist,durch mein eigenes Verschulden, hat es jetzt hervorragend geklappt. Das erste Set war auch nicht von zamnesia 🤭.Der erste Schub war enorm und selbst jetzt, nach fast 2 Monaten,kommt immernoch ,vereinzelt aber starke und große Pilze hervor.... Ich habe blauen Honig draus gemacht als Weihnachtsgeschenk für besondere Freunde und genug für Eigenbedarf über. Ich freue mich über die nächste Box.Die kleinen Pimmelchen wachsen zu sehen macht zuviel Spaß 🤣

    T. H.

    Great product
    Easy, low maintenance kit. Medium productivity - crop could be better.

    S. H.

    Worked like a charm!
    No issues. First grow kit for me in a long long time and it's way easier thani remember. Higly recommend!

    K. F.

    over 5 weeks
    nothing happening, setup on 13/10, been just over 5 wks, got some white stuff partly on the top, not sure if this is mycellium or fungus, any hints? getting a bit concerned at length of time

    J. L.

    B +
    Sehr gute Box .. hat am Anfang a bissl gedauert aber jetzt geht's los .. erster flush ist bald fertig ! Schöne schwammal bis 10 cm sind dabei .. aber leider sehr viele seitlich gewachsen.. hoffe beim 2 ten flush wachsen sie oben ! Aber top Schwammerl Box !

    M. M.

    Geweldige hulp
    Had een kweekset gekocht maar bleek geïnfecteerd te zijn. Na contact opgelegd te hebben met de klantenservice werd ik vriendelijk geholpen en kreeg ik een nieuwe set als oplossing.

    M. B.

    Seems to be going well
    Haven't done the first flush yet but all looking good. Very easy, hands free first stage to pins.

    M. P.

    Champignon d’excellente qualité avec un service client rapide et efficace qui m’a renvoyer un kit de culture immédiatement pour en remplacer un reçu endommagé. Je recommande

    L. G.

    Très bien
    Bon résultats sur 2 cycles, un peu décevant sur le troisième mais très bien tout de même.

    K. B.

    Parfait pour les débutants
    Simple, efficace que sire de plus ? Merci

    F. G.

    Great and will order again
    Absolutely amazing service and I'm happy with I received

    A. R.

    So happy!
    I've tried to grow from scratch but never really been overly successful so decided to give this kit a go. I bought it 3 weeks ago, followed instructions meticulously and now I am just about to harvest my first flush. Probably around 30 mushrooms some so chunky they easy weigh a gram alone. Delighted with purchase so easy definitely be back!

    K. F.
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