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Jeringuilla de esporas Mondo Psilocybe Cubensis B+

 4.5/5 (114)

    Concerned about quality
    I used B+ spore syringe, and some different strain grow up. Not happy to get something else then expected. Supposed to be nice and big shrooms with yellow cap, and these grow up white short shrooms. Someone mixed up with syringes at the shop

    R. K.

    2024 order
    I complainted about bad culture and received a replacement. The replacement is working but not as good as 2023 orders. Good news i am much better at agar and lc now.

    O. T.

    Best Shrooms
    Since today the B+ are the best II have teated. Everythinks fine

    R. M.

    All is perfect

    P. O.

    After the first 2+- weeks in started showing results ,colonised quite fast.

    E. G.

    Bestens Note 1+!

    C. L.

    Best customer service ever!!!
    The best website to buy everything for shrooms in my opinion :) problems get solved quickly and always in favor for the customer, big tumbs up and thanks zamnesia till next time ;)

    G. K.

    Super produit
    Facile d'utilisation, de bon rendement et j'ai jamais eu de soucis. Au top !

    L. B.

    The packaging was very discreet and I didn't have any problem whatsoever. Good quality product as always with this seller

    M. N.

    product apears fine and when the replacment of the product was needed due to been stoped at customs they handled it swiftly.

    J. S.

    Top product
    Got a great result from this

    N. W.

    no probs
    B+. Not tried yet , but colonises well and the delivery was really fast and discreet

    R. M.

    Great! Would buy again
    Worked well even for a noob like me. Can recommend

    D. R.

    Super stabil und wirksamer strain!

    M. Z.

    Still waiting to

    J. B.

    Good allrounder
    Will suit everyone. Enjoy with respect.

    C. H.

    Le spore hanno attaccato nel giro di due settimane sia su substrato di faggio, sia sul riso. Ci vuole un po’ di manualità per usare le spore, però Zamnesia ti rende la vita più facile. In generale i prodotti del sito sono di ottima qualità.

    S. C.

    Very good culture
    This grew very fast in my liquid culture. After day two there was a visible growth

    J. Z.

    Very good quality

    M. P.

    Goede kwaliteit snel geleverd. Vriendelijk klantenservice 🫶

    B. W.

    Good Quality
    I've inoculated four half-liter jars. Very aggressive mycelium, easy and fast growing.

    E. P.

    It came in a big syringe, which is great for Liquid Cultures. I made about 400ml and it got very thick, all my rice is colonizing fast and healthy, with no contamination in any container thus far.

    F. C.

    good product!
    germinated super fast and seems like a healthy culture.

    J. T.

    Gute Qualität
    Die besten Sporen spritzen!

    M. Z.

    Bon résultats
    Quoiqu'un peu chère, la seringue est de bonne qualité, mes pains sont biens colonisés ! :)

    T. S.

    Great customer service. Finally some growth after the 2nd attempt.
    I want to start off by saying that I am very happy with the customer service I received. The first syringe I ordered did not show any growth after 2 weeks. After providing info on which technique I used to keep my workspace sterile and to inoculate my grain, I was sent a replacement syringe. After inoculating new grain jars and liquid culture I am happy to see some strong growth after 7 days without any visible contamination. While it's unfortunate that the first syringe did not germinate, I believe it is inevitable that some syringes don't work as we are working with a natural product after all, and there are many factors which are out of Zamnesia's control such as shipping and genetics. I can definitely recommend this company!

    F. K.

    Good but very slow
    It showed good result in the end. But process of colonization was very slow comparing with other strains.

    D. Z.

    langsames Wachstum aber funktioniert
    Ich habe 4 Sporen Spritzen gekauft: 2x A+ 1x mckennaii 1x B+ Nur B+ hat funktioniert... A+ & mckennaii haben nirgends mycel gebildet, weder auf Roggen, flüssig Kulturmedium oder Agar nach gut 19 Tagen ( Kontamination ist auch auszuschließen da gar nichts wächst). Zusätzlich war auf nur einer das Datum zu lesen, was mich zusätzlich ärgert ist das das Charge-Datum auf 01/2020 ist und Sporenspritzen nur ca. 1 Jahr haltbar sind. Ich bin sehr unzufrieden. Immerhin hat wenigstens B+ funktioniert

    T. S.

    So far so good
    Good growth on BRF, at this stage almost fully colonised and no contamination in sight, Very happy with this product

    M. L.

    Everything as promised
    No complaints. The mycelium is growing well, the shipping was fast, everything as promised. One wish that I have, however, is for Zamnesia to increase their variety of different spores.

    M. G.

    Schneller Versand und super Sporen!
    Die Sporen scheinen super zu funktionieren.

    M. E.

    Relatively poor sample
    The spore sample was relatively poor versus others I’ve encountered, the spore count seemed very low and growth overall has been roughly 80% slower than others. Still getting results just significantly slower. Very few visible spores.

    A. C.

    C'est parti
    J'ai inoculé les spores dans 4 pots pour le moment, cela à bien pris, pas de soucis

    H. D.

    Inoculado grain spawn y colonizado sin problema

    V. O.

    Bonne qualité
    Bonne qualité. Il est important de faire un bon substrat . Le meilleur substrat c est mais et vermiculite. J aime beaucoup la sagesse de ce champignon.

    P. C.

    Langsames aber gutes Mycellwachstum
    Cubensis B+ war eine gute Entscheidung, da es relativ robust aber ein langsames Wachstum hat. Das Ergebnis spricht aber trotzdem für sich und kann ich dem entsprechend nur weiter empfehlen ;-)

    C. F.

    Ho provato subito a far germinate le spore e la germinazione con il riso bollito è partita subito. La genetica è un po' lenta ma b+ normalmente non è un fulmine. Non ci sono contaminazioni ed ora sto aspettando prima della messa a dimora. Ottimo prodotto. La siringa sembra senza spore ma invece funziona perfettamente. Per ora ottimo prodotto.

    A. G.

    Very satisfied
    Good product, fast shipping.

    D. G.

    Should work if you keep it clean
    Be sure to decontaminate everything

    J. R.

    Extremely slow germination, bad genetics
    First of all I’ll start by saying that zamnesia’s customer service is impeccable, and this review is bad because of the quality of the product. The first syringe I ordered simply didn’t germinate even after a month, on agar, grain or liquid culture, nothing. So I got in touch with them and they sent me a new one. However, the genetics aren’t good because it took 2 months for a small jar to fully colonize, 3-4 weeks for agar, and the substrate never pinned. I will just throw away both syringes and opt for something else

    D. M.

    Good quality!
    Fast delivery of goods across borders and discreet packaging of the shipment. Quality product in perfetc cleanliness and great results. I recommend Zamnesia and its products!

    M. H.

    Great Product
    Strong growth after 10 days!

    P. K.

    Produit à bien fonctionné pour moi

    J. V.

    Ottime spore!!!
    Ho inoculato le spore in 5 barattoli di riso e in 15 giorni erano tutte perfettamente colononizzate senza contaminazione alcuna. Ottimo!

    R. A.

    Alles top. Einziger Kommentar wäre dass die Lösung nicht so gut geschüttelt war wie sie beim letzten Mal war. Es waren spor Klumpen sichtbar. Einfach ein paar Minuten kräftig schütteln dann passt's

    L. C.

    Werkte goed
    Werkte goed

    E. I.

    Gerade B Plus ist eine sehr einfach anzubauen eine Sorte mit sehr großen Fruchtkörper an ich mag sie sehr gerne Kaufempfehlung von mir

    A. O.

    Pareciera que la nebulosa de esporas no se separaba, pero inocule al 100% de éxito Recomendables !

    B. A.

    works great
    Was delivered really fast. It works great on a sterilised grain, developped great. Soon is ready for a mono tub. Definately buy it again.

    O. M.

    Great product!
    Hello! Great product from Zamnesia! I am very happy with the results! Fast shipping too! Thank you!

    T. A.
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