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Kit de Cultivo Zamnesia 'Treasure Coast'

 4.5/5 (118)

    Treasure coast Review
    The kit was delivered promptly, I set it up and after about 10 days it started pinning. So I put it into fruiting conditions, a week later I was harvesting my first flush. I got 11.6g dry weight, and it’s now fruiting the second flush, the trip was quite mellow on the body, with some nice visuals, lovely patterns and colours with eyes closed, I would get them again

    B. T.

    So good!
    Bought it as a present for my father-in-law, and will definitely be getting one for myself too. First class delivery and instructions and well on the way to the first harvest. Highly recommended

    D. F.

    1st time with treasure coast
    My 1st time growing treasure coasts, very good yield, great effects, 8g fully dried gave a really good trip, will 100% be purchasing more

    W. B.

    good kit!
    i stopped checking how many grams i get of these kits, they produce alot and are very potent! i have been using them for years now and i am still very pleased with them! 6/5 kit in my books!

    E. D.

    Great product, had 3.5 yesterday for test and they are amazing, my day has been full of patterns everywhere

    G. D.

    Prima Kunden Service
    War überrascht wie entgegenkommend der Service war, als ich berichtet hatte, dass ich das Grow Kit nicht richtig benutzt hatte. Verdiente 5 von 5 Sternen. Klasse!

    A. W.

    This kit is amazing started fruiting after 2 weeks

    L. E.

    Super !
    Facile à utiliser et des champi délicieux en quelques semaines

    A. A.

    Jad harty
    Easy to order, fast delivery and helpful staff and speedy replies when needed help. Highly recommend

    J. H.

    Fehler bei der Aufzucht gemacht:
    Für mich war die Frage wie man bei 15 Grad dieses Pilzset zum Wachsen bringen kann. Ich habe eine stärkere Wärmematte verwendet als die von Zamnesia. Dann der Fehler: Ich habe die Lufttemperatur innerhalb der Plastikhülle gemessen bis diese bei 25 Grad war. Was man messen muss ist die Bodentemperatur des Myzels. Somit sind meine Pilze verkocht. Im Sommer ist die Außentemperatur höher und der Lufttemperatur im Inneren der Hülle ähnlicher. Man merkt dann schneller wenn es zu warm wird. Hier kühlte die Luft zu schnell ab, während der Boden viel zu warm geworden war... Ich werde erneut bestellen.

    M. K.

    bra growkit

    M. J.

    Top Growkit
    Alles notwendige enthalten Gesundes myzel Top shrooms Top Ernte 3x Sehr guter Effekt Geschmacklich wie Champions

    D. E.

    Great experience!
    I emailed support about the problem described above and they got back to me incredibly fast. Once I sent pictures they wrote back right away offering to replace the grow kit. The new one performed amazingly well and I was blown away! Customer support was amazing, friendly, and fast. Great experience!

    M. D.

    Top moumoute

    B. F.

    Verran good
    Good support service too.

    J. J.

    Growth a little slow but worth it
    It took a while for the mushrooms to appear but when they did, they came in full force. Looking forward to vibe with them.

    J. S.

    Con paciencia....
    ....higiene y cuidando un poco el cultivo,los resultados son excelentes....

    M. M.

    Bumby ride , patience is the key
    So, funny experience with this one. But good support is on your hands to get to figure out if something is needed to figure out. First flush seemed forever and it never showed any sign of pinning,the mycelium didn't reach the top case layer with any signs to give off ,just suddenly one popped out quite evolved,small and premature veil breaking. So There was first one, then a cluster 3-4 days after .;all grew up small and premature tearing veils. So when they got picked,the stems we're full of caselayer that I didn't get off,so writing to the most amazing custom service, have always loved them on my previous kit's. So this was my 4 time with a 3 strain,I had read everything I found about TC ,so the environment to grow them was optimised and it is said first flush is small ,and if you get over first flush,the cake is succeeded the critical stage for contamination,as it's said this strain can have a hard time getting through first flush,but if it does,your set up for success,the next flushes are getting stronger and Fruits bigger and more (not potence stronger but mycelium is stronger ) but this first flush Fruits, were in my point of view small and looked like it was too wet,even though I did the steps clean, with exactly amount of water inside chamber they were growing,temp was optimal, humidity looking great,and still so alwardly small and no spores dropped after tearing it's veil. I wrote to customer support and reach out to fellow growers in a group,asking and being a little worried about,what went wrong. Why were they covered that much on the stem with caselayer stucked on to them. And those who grew on the sides were almost fully covered with this stuff. They bruised heavy when trying to get it all off,tried both removing it when it was still wet,and when it has dried over night.didnt get it all off. So had a long email round with the support team, eventually,first asking about is there any good way to do this without bruising them as f... Or is there something I can do to prevent it happen. No feedback on my inquiry,as if they read something else and answered me totally different I laughed, preparing second flush made me realise the amount of top caselayer was too much of,some of it got drained away,then I realised it had to be the caselayer,and I asket gently about, could it be too much of it that caused to high humidity to the cake and the thick layer was like 3 times more than the other kits I've succeeded with. It was onto the sides as well on the top. The second flush got better on the areas with less i again asked customers support,in the end of that emailing,they finally came to agreement to help out with a voucher for a new grow kit as a pleasing a upset customer that i was worried about the potency of first flush. Second flush got a better start with less caselayer,it wasn't enough removed evenly on the cake ,so it produced its flush in a longer run ,I picked in three rounds over 7 days, second flush grew total 12 days before soaking for 3 flush. Now even more of the caselayer is drained away, there are nothing on the sides now,and it's a even layer on-top with the right depth,1 cm or so.(it was almost 3 cm /2 1/2 cm on top the first flush!)Now it's pinning fat pins !! And more evenly, and they grew faster than the second flush,and the humidity is looking more optimised than ever for the cake to produce and doing its job. So thanks for grate Custom service and help when I asked for it, even though the answers are a bit funny to read sometimes,bcus it looks like they read something else when they're replying,but that has given me the opportunity to grow my knowledge and experience,and making me understand why things was at is turned out. And I'm glad I have learned more , newbie as I am, 4'th time growing and so grateful for them replacing with a voucher. Next kit I will ensure to take a look at the top caselayer and make a decision to remove if it's to much, i think I can rely on this experience and know better . It's not that big of deal to make adjustments to the kit, and follow the steps,and you'll be fine . Third flush looks awesome with their fat asses pins forming all over the cake . I'm thrilled about this strain. Easy to grow when optimised conditions. And you won't be disappointed if you know what to adjust if you experience something that seems off. Reach out to the customer support,and I'd they don't get you at first,don't give up, and choose to laugh about it rather than get upset and angry. Their the best customer support service I know of. I love zamnesia and will continue to get my shrooms from their grow supply. I think their grow kits are awesome. Haven't eaten them yet. My hunch on them ,they vibe like the GT . I think TC amazes more on second and third flush . Potency should be the same, and I think it probably is a good trip, can't wait going out in nature with this one 🤩

    M. .

    Party zone
    Worked out excellent, perfect harvest, Zamnesia @ it's best, thank you

    F. #.

    Slow growers
    These treasure coast are definitely just as Zamnesia advise, slow growing but prolific fruiters, another great product as expected Still waiting for these to mature but there are sooooo many of them! Absolutely love this company for providing us the means to enjoy nature in a safe reliable way and really providing a way to experience the true spiritual, Blessings to all at Zamnesia

    J. C.

    beautiful strain
    i dunno why, i just felt the need to get some weed after they arrived. i dont smoke that often. as soon as i smoked my first joint i started really kind of communicating with these shrooms. my last trip was so colorful, no wonder. they grew on a rainbow scarf, around painting supplies. it was like the shrooms showed me their artistic nature. i might be crazy, but i fell in love with this strain. gonna get a spore syringe. yes, choose this one!!

    C. I.

    Good genetics
    Growkit came in strong with a full canopy! Had problems with the first one but this one worked out very well. I could only harvest one flush since the cake got infected with verticillium.

    L. L.

    Super !
    Deja au 3 eme flunch apres 1mois et demis leger visuel et psychique intense parfait merci zamne

    J. W.

    Great high, had some problems with growth
    I got about 10g from my first and biggest flush. There were 3 total but they were negligible amounts. They only grew around the edges, nothing from the centre so maybe it was a faulty kit. It got very very mouldy despite me being careful, although this easily could be my fault. That said, the trip was incredible. Made music and art very pleasurable. The conversations were also good - makes me think they’re introspective and helped me look at my issues from a new perspective and I made some realisations about my life. Lovely mushroom! I will buy more and hopefully the flush will be acceptable. Also… if anyone every says Zamnesia has poor customer service, I can guarantee they are just a poor customer. They go above and beyond to resolve any issues you might have and are just a lovely company! I’d never buy anywhere else.

    C. M.

    Sehr zufrieden
    Große und potente shrooms

    Y. E.

    Great grow kit
    Ordered this last year and just ordered another. Was very easy to grow and produced 9 flushes with loads of fruits in each one! Highly recommend

    L. T.

    Mit dem ersten Kit gab's etwas Probleme (aborts etc.), allerdings direkt Kundendienst kontaktiert und nach kurzer Erklärung ein neues zugeschickt bekommen, das dann auch problemlos begonnen hat, zu flushen und bis dato nicht damit aufhört! Die Erträge sind stabil bei ca. 100g frisch/flush, die Pilze geklont und zu beinahe 100% isoliert - ihr könnt euch die Arbeit mit Spore Prints also sparen, ihr werdet keinen bekommen. Von der Wirkung her sehr einzigartig. Sehr sozial. Wenn man allein ist, wünscht man sich jemandem zum Reden. Bei mir auch sehr farbig, bzw kontrastintensiviert, mag ich sehr :)

    N. G.

    Bisher 2 Durchläufe problemlos geerntet, sehr angenehme und soziale Wirkung perfekt für einen lustigen Abend mit Freunden.

    D. W.

    Pratique !
    Le kit est pratique tout est là, les explications sont claires et surtout le service client est très réactif en cas de soucis ! Merci zamnesia.

    C. M.

    Wuchs nach innen
    zwischen dem Block und der Plastikschale sind welche rausgekommen^^...die haben wir geerntet...die sind sozusagen unterirdisch gewachsen - haben dort auch die Sporen ausgelassen...das wars leider!!!

    F. G.

    Good amount on harvest and was very impressed with the quality a bit of patient takes you a long way

    L. C.

    Super Pilze
    Leider hat nur ein Aufwuchs geklappt da ich leider Fehler bei der Anleitung gemacht habe. Der ist aber großartig geworden und under Test war Grandios Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen!!!

    W. A.

    Wow, 1 try and going for fifth flush! Easy to grow. Got 360 wet, i ate 9 gram of dry, was strong trip. First experience amazing shop, Thanks!

    D. K.

    Une sensation incroyable
    Une sensation incroyable, des kaléidoscope très sympathique blanchâtre dans les nuages ! Je recommande encore une fois

    P. G.

    Zamnesia kit better than others
    I tried Fresh and Supra, but the Zamnesia kit gives more and quicker, to my experience

    R. D.

    Very good
    Easily got 3 good flushes. First trip I had to take a lot for a very mild and mostly cerebral experience. Second trip I ate +- the same quantity but dried, grinded end put it in lemon juice, waited for 15 min before eating it. This time the trip was very powerful both cerebral and visually . PLEASE be careful with dosage. Thank you Zamnesia.

    L. G.

    Treasure coast
    Très facile à l'emploie

    H. A.

    Going for the fifth flush now. Good kit!

    P. D.

    Very good crop, haven’t tried the effects yet

    D. C.

    Decent outcome
    Decent outcome and no problems. Fast delivery

    E. J.

    Besser als das Supragrow
    Ich hatte dieses "aufwendigere" set und ein Supragrow, dass einfach so funktionieren soll bestellt. Ich hatte Sorgen, dass ich irgendwas falsch mache bei dem TC set. Die Temperatur war wegen Hitze manchmal auf 27/28 Grad. Aber selbst das hat den Pilzen nichts gemacht. Sie sind in reichlicher Ausbeute gewachsen, haben ihre Kollegen da weit übertroffen. Diese sind leider auch eher nur in den Seiten gewachsen. Die TCs sind ALLE nach oben gewachsen, in richtigen Pilzbüschen und ließen sich super easy rausdrehen beim ernten. Manchmal musste ich sie nur umstupsen. Beim zweiten flush habe ich mich schon sicherer gefühlt. Ich fand, dass die neuen Pilze außergewöhnlich schnell kamen. Gerade ist der dritte flush im Kühlschrank .... Bin schon gespannt sie auszuprobieren, dafür will ich mir aber Zeit nehmen. Ich war dafür, dass es meine erste eigene Zucht ist sehr überzeugt von ihnen.

    R. S.

    Great kit
    I do really prefer zamnesia grow kits, and these treasure coasts did grow just fine, at the moment i am at my 3rd flush :)

    L. C.

    Dessus par l'effet
    Effectivement le système de culture est simple, pratique, quand on suis vos conseil de culture c'est le top ! Rendement très abondant, sur 3 rush, mais quelle déception quand je les ai consommé... Première prise 6g, aucun effet il m'a fallu une dose de 12g pour ressentir quelques effets pas désagréable, mais sans plus... Il me reste pour un dernier essai, presque 20g ( je parle de champi sec bien sur ) on verra bien... Mais alors s'il faut autant de grammes pour planer un peu, ça fait cher le voilage...

    Y. E.

    Really good decision
    It gives me 3 times of remarkable mushrooms. First it takes a while, After following the instructions of Zamnesia kits, which Container a der steps of „flushing and drop some water inside the bag and just wait an do nothing! Very nice and easy way, until i saw the First pins in two weeks, like i said, First it takes a while, but then I get More and more Pins immediatly After a few days. That was the time, the mycelium was unstoppable! Really its worth it!!!

    M. B.

    Treasure Coast
    Je suis au deuxième flush ils poussent à merveille j’étais obligé d’enlever le pain du kit pour en mettre debout de longue ça pousse partout même derrière le pain j’en suis ravie première flush 130g et deuxième flush bientôt à cueillir

    V. G.

    Buen kit, buenos resultados.
    Ha sido mi primera experiencia dentro de el mundo de los hongos, y sinceramente no puedo estar más satisfecho. Instrucciones simples que con tiempo, paciencia y delicadeza ayudan a que el kit de sus frutos. En mi caso no fueron los más grandes (seguramente por la temperatura) pero igualmente fueron 3 fructificaciones y en buena cantidad, 10/10.

    F. C.

    Top rendement ! La barquette était remplie et ça a poussé super vite. J'ai du récolter en espace de deux semaines! Ils sont beaux, ils sont bons, et j'ai adoré l'effet.

    I. A.

    Hè verdorie deze ronde is tegen gevallen! Bij de eerste flush waren de stelen dusdanig via de randen gaan groeien! Waardoor alles kapot ging bij het oogsten, en het materiaal in de bak kapot ging! Vervolgens weer neer gezet! Alleen groeide er geen een paddo meer! Dit terwijl ik juist voor deze ben gegaan vanwege de vele flushes die hij zou opleveren. De werking was overigens wel uitstekend van die enige flush. Nogmaals erg jammer, maar dit kan gebeuren bij deze processen. en daarom houd ik mijn vertrouwen in zamnesia. Volledig. Op naar de volgende!!!

    R. E.

    Perche spéciale
    Les effets sont assez spéciaux, c'est comme si j'avais fumé 10 joints d'un coup. Le corps est lourd, c'est bien si il est possible de rester posé. Légère déformation visuelle.

    Z. L.

    Fast delivery, fast growing
    A very vibrant and fast growing variety. The first flush is 16g, the second is 11g and the third is coming, about 30 mushrooms are growing so I think at least 10-15g will come from the third flush. I bred with small changes (as well as the pes Amazon, which admittedly gave only one but a good flush ..); growing zamnesian selling XL grow bag (kit included are very small). I added 1.5 liters of perlite and 1cm of water to the bottom, and made a few holes in the bag. With the third flush, I turned the cake sideways, and the mushrooms can grow in 5 directions. I recommend zamnesia grow kit than other manufacturers for which I also have experience. 5+/5

    P. P.
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