Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher'


La Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher es una cepa de setas mágicas que te enseñará un mundo mejor. Esta cepa apareció a finales de los 80, pero su origen exacto se desconoce. Golden Teacher es un nombre muy adecuado – el color de los sombrerillos es dorado y posee propiedades chamánicas que te enseñarán un mundo mejor.

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Volumen: 1200 ml € 50,95
  • Volumen: 1200 ml € 50,95
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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher': Enseñando para un mundo mejor

La Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher es una cepa de setas mágicas que apareció por primera vez a finales de la década de los 80, pero no se sabe quién la descubrió ni dónde se origina. Su nombre hace referencia a sus sombrerillos dorados y a las extraordinarias capacidades chamánicas que posee – este fruto divino te enseñará un mundo mejor. El kit Supa-Gro contiene 1200ml de sustrato 100% inoculado con esporas y listo para producir – todo lo que necesitas es un poco de paciencia. No te confundas por la primera tanda – esta cepa tiende a producir una primera tanda más pequeña, pero la segunda suele ser mucho más grande.

Los kits de cultivo de setas mágicas Supa Gro están preparados por expertos en micología y contienen un micelio muy saludable.

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  • Caja de cultivo de 1200ml
  • Bolsa de cultivo

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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher' - Ficha Técnica
Volumen 1200ML
Marca Supa Gro
Variedad Golden Teacher

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Reseñas (580)

    facile, bonne récolte
    En moins de trois semaines, 200g, puis 100g pour la deuxième récolte, et 80g pour la troisième/ Bon effet avec 4g sec.


    No shrooms...
    I followed the instructions precisely, monitored the temperature and the sunlight by bringing the kit closer to the radiator and indirect sunlight... no results for more than a monthe and a half now. Very disapointed


    Fantastic result from newbie grower
    I started my kit on Monday and nine days later the little pins were out. Three days after that they were enormous and we harvested them, there were four trays in my dehydrator. Unbelievably fast and prolific growth in just a couple of weeks with a totally inexperienced grower. Great value for money, would highly recommend.


    Could use better instructions
    The kit arrived with no instructions, however zamnesia sent me the instructions but they were actually for another kind of mushrooms. Hopefully what we did worked and after 10 days the first pins appeared. First flush a total of 14,5g dry. Then we followed the reinvigoration step (left it with water for 10h in the fridge) to continue with the second flush. It has been 12 days since then and we thought we wouldn't get another one but on the 12th day one pin appeared. I read somewhere that you should not collect the smaller pins of your flush cause they are meant for the second one and by doing so you delay the next flush. Probably that was the reason it took 12 days. (don't take my word for it, just sharing my experience)


    First pins at day 7 Harvest at day 15 First flush 110g i‘m satisfied! Followed the instructions properly. Started with temp. about 19 to 22 Celsius


    5 star love the growth rate amazing product its a shame I can only order 2 in a 90 day period love to watch them grow


    East and secure way to get mushrooms


    Very Easy!
    Bought this for my first grow. Was very easy. First wash was really good and already trying a second. Delivery was very quick considering the time of year I purchased it (just before Christmas).


    I soaked them when they where not ment to
    First time using these I made the mistake from the start and soaked them for 12 hours to later read these ones don't need that.. frustrated I emailed letting them know I've messed up. Zamnesia rest assured its fine, let nature do the work. Took about 10 days and the pins started and doubled in size everyday. Iam a few days from 1st harvest and I am amazed at how generous these fungi are being. Thanks zamnesia !


    Very good
    Delivery and service was good, all looks good so far

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Preguntas (3)
Peter 2015-11-09 22:33:28

How much light they need to grow?


These kits do best in daylight, 18°C -28°C. Don’t place them in direct sunlight though! Indirect sunlight is the ideal lighting to grow mushrooms.

kb 2014-04-23 00:54:05

Is it ok to use bottled water? As in, would this be any better to grow mushroomz or just the same as tapwater?


Either works just fine. We recommend to just use tap water to keep the costs down. If you insist on using bottled water, just make sure that you are using still water (without bubbles).

mink 2013-05-23 23:30:05

Do i need to add water at the beginning, when i put the opened box in the bag? how often do i need to add water? the manual is unclear on this and i read varying instructions in the other question sections of other 100%mycelium kits.


No need to add water in the beginning. When the first caps start showing, simply spray some water onto the insides of the bags once or twice a day. You can do this when you are airing the kit for example. Make sure you don't spray directly onto the shrooms though.

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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher'
Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher'
Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher'
Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher'
Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher'
Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher'
Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher'
Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher'
Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher'
Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher'
Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher'
Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Golden Teacher'