Extracto de Kratom Thai 15x (1 gramo)


Un extracto 15x, muy potente y de gran calidad, de hojas de Kratom Thai que ya producen efecto en dosis de 0.2 gramos. El Kratom Thai es mundialmente conocido por su efecto relajante y al mismo tiempo energético.

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El extracto 15x de Kratom Thai ya es activo a partir de una dosis de 0.2 gramos. Para una experiencia de media a fuerte, recomendamos 0.5 gramos. Para un efecto fuerte, 0.8 gramos.

Un paquete de extracto 15x de Krantom Thai contiene 1 gramo.

Extracto de Kratom Thai 15x (1 gramo) - Ficha Técnica
Peso 1 gr

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Reseñas (35)

    Muy bueno
    Buenísimo producto. La pena es que a largo plazo el organismo se acostumbra


    Very discreet but in my experience slightly less potent than the same dose in other forms, all in all worthwhile!


    i would try it again
    Haven't tried it alone, only in a drink made of blue lotus extract, kratom and a couple shots of vodka. I didn't expect much of it, but it really improved my mood for the evening. There is really a noticeable effect, although probably only using the full gram, I doubt it would work by microdosing. I definitely want to try it again!


    I like to smoke it.
    Not a particularly experienced kratom user, but I have been addicted to Pharmaceutical Opiates, I liked to smoke small amounts of this extract in a pipe , it gives a fast acting opiate hit with great muscle relaxation and a little bit trippy with green and yellow tinges behind the eyes. This particular extract resembles semi-synthetic opiates like tramadol more in it's effects than morphine or codeine...the Bali extract feels more like those substances to me. When used as a smoke the gram can last me quite a long time, whereas eaten an experienced user could probably use the gram in one sitting. An excellent product.


    Interesting but not worth it
    Its an interesting substance that makes me alert. When I take the full gram, it did get trippy. Interesting to try out but I wouldn't bother buy it until its much cheaper.


    Little to none effect
    sadly i got little to none effect from the product.


    Useless for quitting
    I don't know if I choose expensively for kratom, never tried. Bought it for quitting oppiod meds (at the final bottom chair of rehab so hadn't an high tolerance). I start feeling something at 1.5g so 15€ it's ridiculous. At 30€ you can find a pharm quality product that get you gone. So disappointed


    Not very good
    Took 1.5g, didn't feel any effects


    Ich habe es ausschließlich in der Bong geraucht. Keine Ahnung was man damit hätte noch alles machen können aber der Kopf hat sich auf jeden Fall befriedigt angefühlt . Ein kleines bisschen stärker hätte es sein können vielleicht ein x20 Extrakt davon wäre ganz schön zu wünschen.


    bien sans plus
    l'effet est sympa, mais se dissipe trop vite pour moi.

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Vídeo (1)
  • Vídeo: Cómo Se Utiliza: Kratom
    Cómo Se Utiliza: Kratom

    El Kratom se ha utilizado durante mucho tiempo como remedio herbal tradicional. Por lo que hemos pensado que sería buena idea hacer un breve vídeo informativo con todo lo que hay que saber acerca de esta compleja hierba - origen, efecto y forma de consumirlo.

Extracto de Kratom Thai 15x (1 gramo)
Extracto de Kratom Thai 15x (1 gramo)