Kratom Maeng Da


Kratom Maeng Da se puede traducir como 'Kratom Tuneado'. Es el Kratom más fuerte que existe y ya es activo a 1 gramo. El efecto principal del Kratom Maeng Da es una sensación de euforia y de energía sin fin. Disponible en bolsas de 10 gramos, rallado o en polvo.

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Reseñas (82)

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    Is that it?
    Purchased a bag of this a couple months ago. First i tried to make some tea using only 1g, no effect whatsoever. I tried using more and more but the most I got was a small, almost unnoticeable energy rush for like 20 mins and after that nothing. Maybe I just got a bad batch or something, I think I'll try buying it again and use larger doses since I suspect the mistake was on my part for not really following instructions and just winging it with the preparation method lol.


    Da manga
    Get your spirit up. And stimulant. Only bad side. You must drink water all the time


    Good for energy
    I found this lifted my mood n gave me focus and energy but I've only tried at small doses. Does help pain from what I can tell so far


    Hopefully Maeng Da is more powerful.
    The Kratom Bali and Thai did little for me, 10g had a small energy buzz and barely noticable sedative feeling. Awful taste, the tea was okay but then I decided to eat the leaves later on lol. Hopefully the Maeng Da will be better. It was worth a shot though! I am not sure if I will be using more Kratom products.


    Great product, but a bit expensive and inconvenient
    I bought the shredded version in an attempt to find an alternative to alcohol. Tried this after working late. I made tea of 5 grams I boiled in one mug of water. This reduced it to half a mug. I flavoured the tea with lemon and a large dab of honey. This gave it a not unpleasant "lemon peel" touch. The effects became really apparent after one hour. A feeling I can best describe as "confortabely sedated that you become one with the blanket you are under, but allert enough that you are aware of it". Really great. The effect of a large glass of rum, without the dizzyness. However: pouring a glass of rum takes 10 sec. Boiling up a glass of Kratom tea 15 min. Also, the bag gives me 2 cups of tea for €12,5. I can buy a lot of rum for that. Will buy again thoug. My health is too important.


    Produit conforme a la description =)


    Good plant medicine
    I find this Kratom to be the strongest. I have chronic pain from an injury, and this is one of the pain reliefs i can take with almost no side effects. For me 2 grams is enough to soothe a bit, and i can still function and do my chores. Thanks for the plants !

    El cliente ha valorado el producto pero no ha dejado una reseña


    Not working
    I'm not sure if I got the right product, but it did nothing for me. First time me and my friend made tea with 2 grams each (since we never tried it before) on an empty stomach and we both felt nothing. Second time I grinded about 3-4 grams for a cup of tea and after 20 min I started feeling really uneasy. I felt rushed, but not in a good way. Also, made me feel a bit anxious and nauseous. Feeling past after about 2 hours. Tea wasn't bitter at all btw.

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Vídeo (1)
  • Vídeo: Cómo Se Utiliza: Kratom
    Cómo Se Utiliza: Kratom

    El Kratom se ha utilizado durante mucho tiempo como remedio herbal tradicional. Por lo que hemos pensado que sería buena idea hacer un breve vídeo informativo con todo lo que hay que saber acerca de esta compleja hierba - origen, efecto y forma de consumirlo.

Kratom Maeng Da
Kratom Maeng Da
Kratom Maeng Da
Kratom Maeng Da
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