Kit de Cultivo Exterior Zamnesia


Con el Kit de Cultivo Exterior Zamnesia podrás crear tu propio huerto de setas mágicas Psilocybe azurescens. Una vez preparado, el huerto produce cosecha tras cosecha, año tras año, de potentísimas setas. Ideal para el psiconáuta que quiera un cultivo personal a largo plazo. ¡Lo único que se necesita es paciencia!

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Kit de Cultivo Exterior Zamnesia : Cultiva tus propias setas mágicas Azurescens

El Kit de Cultivo Exterior Zamnesia es la solución perfecta para micólogos aficionados y expertos psiconáutas. Con él, podrás cultivar tu propio huerto de setas mágicas y obtener cosechas anuales de psicodélicos caseros - año tras año. Lo único que hace falta es un poco de paciencia.

Todos los Kits de Cultivo Exterior Zamnesia están inoculados con la variedad Azurescens de setas mágicas. Estos hongos son sumamente potentes, hasta seis veces más fuertes que las variedades cubensis de los kits de cultivo interior.

Un huerto exterior de setas puede tardar un año a crecer, por lo que es muy importante tener paciencia. La recompensa serán unas de las setas más potentes que jamás hayas probado - un proyecto para el psiconáuta que esté dispuesto a invertir a largo plazo. Las setas suelen fructificar en otoño.

Aquí puedes aprender a utilizar este kit y a crear tu propio huerto de setas mágicas, con nuestro sencillo y práctico manual:

Manual Kit de Cultivo Exterior

Una advertencia:

Al ser un kit de exterior que produce setas durante varios años, podría contaminarse con otras variedades de hongos. Tendrás que tener cuidado a la hora de cosechar; recoge sólo las setas que tengan un tono azulado. Asegúrate de conocer las características de las Psilocybe azurescens. Este producto está pensado para micólogos aficionados y psiconáutas expertos. El cliente asume la plena responsabilidad de su uso. Por desgracia, el éxito no está garantizado, ya que hay muchos factores externos que pueden influir en un huerto.

Usa Nuestra Calculadora De Dosis De Setas Mágicas

Reseñas (19)

    A no show
    Unfortunately I don’t have any shrooms from this product


    Good kit
    Product well received and well packaged. Innoculation is running well. Too early to speak about results.


    Works indoors!
    I tried to make this work indoors, since the ground is still very much frozen and autumn is far away. I followed the steps and buried the box in a big flower box, that I poked holes in the bottom, by the window and added lots of water. Later on I built a makeshift greenhouse with plastic foil to preserve the moist and BAM. Just yesterday I noticed 3 little heads sticking up from the soil. The following months will be intresting as I still have no idea what the flushes will be like.


    On track!
    Received the kit a few weeks ago. Boiled the wood chips a while, cooled them to 23 degrees in a plastic container, dropped in the mycelium and mixed. Used a bit more of the chips than in the manual; hoping for a bigger starter. Seems to work out well; can see the wood being colonised now. All seems to go according to plan. Fairly straight forward this all. Will keep you posted after the next steps!


    Let it grow


    Worked well but not sure if I grew the correct shrooms...
    After buying this kit early 2018 and following the instructions, I had a very good yield of shrooms this fall (Oct and Nov). I was able to harvest 4 batches resulting in about 30 gr of dried produce, enough for 15-20 trips. All shrooms I've harvested looked very much like psilocybe azurescens but there's a small problem: THEY'RE NOT BLUE and they don't bruise blue or bluish. So, currently I'm not fully sure if I got the right shrooms as their most characteristic feature is not present. This makes me a bit anxious to try these shroomies.


    Top service and product
    I bought the azuresence Kit in the spring. However when the shipment arrived it was the wrong product, i recieved an assortment of truffels, i was a bit dissapointed and confronted costumer service with the predicament, and in less than a week i recieved my azuresence grow Kit and godt to keep the truffels.. Outstanding service in my book. I followed the instruktions provided and the mycellium grew as expected. Aftner the propagation periode i buried the mycellium and covered the whole shabang with a thin layer of soil. Now this summer has been unusally warm and sunny for my neck of the Woods, and it hasnt exactly been what i hoped for, mushrooms wise, so ive had to water my patch once a week, minmum. Nevertheless when the weather returned to somewhat normal, i. e. rainy, a white layer of mycellium apeared on top of the soil, so i take it that the mycellium survived the somewhat unusual summer. All that remains is to wait it out, another month or so, and hopefully ill be rewarded with a nice batch of azuresence, if not, it will be my own damned fault. Couldnt be happier.. well i could.. but time will tell. However ill keep you updated on the progress...


    I love Zamnesia
    All of my expierience with Zamnesia never disappointed me and the mycelium is growing very well


    i fuckt it
    hi, ik heb vorig jaar 2 setjes meegenomen naar spanje om ze daar bij een vriend te plaatsen, daar aangekomen konden we nergens houtsnippers van beuk vinden (was allemaal den bij gemengd), we wisten dat dennesnippers waarschijnlijk niet goed waren door hun zuurtegraad en hars. dus zijn we dan via via aan kastanjesnippers geraakt en hebben het maar daarmee gebrobeert, dit is echter na een maandje beginnen alle kleuren uitslaan en we hebben het moeten weggooien (stonk ook) we hebben alles steriel aangepakt maar toch.... nu heb ik ondertussen geleerd en beukenhout heeft blijkbaar van nature een antiseptische werking... dus dit verklaart waarom het belangrijk is dat je beuk neemt, dacht dit effe mee te delen met de community, wel jammer nu wil ik dit jaar opnieuw proberen maar zijn ze waarschijnlijk niet meer verkrijgbaar xc zamnesia please bring back these kits!!!!


    So far so good
    Inoculated more woodchips with the kit, so far (3 weeks after inoculation) so good. The mycelium is growing well, very aggressively on the chips.

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Kit de Cultivo Exterior Zamnesia
Kit de Cultivo Exterior Zamnesia
Kit de Cultivo Exterior Zamnesia
Kit de Cultivo Exterior Zamnesia
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