Filtros Jilter (42 pcs)


¿Demasiado perezoso o chulo para preparar filtros? Existe una solución fácil: Filtros Jilter – los filtros de cartón pre enrollados. Se acabaron los hilos de tabaco (u otros fumables) en la boca, menos decoloración de dientes y un sabor pleno. Los Filtros Jilter están diseñados para reducir el alquitrán, la nicotina y otros agentes causantes de cáncer. Cada paquete contiene 42 filtros.

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Filtros Jilter (42 pcs) - Ficha Técnica
Tipo Boquillas Y Filtros
Marque Misceláneo
Reseñas (12)

    I like it
    I bought a whole box of regular paper filters (1000 pieces) 1½ years ago. They were not wide enough for my taste, but with the Jilter Filters, they fit my style of rolling perfectly.


    Top product and top assistence by the staff!!


    Unmissable for me
    Finally a good product for if you try to filter your tabac from your joint


    Nice and small
    Nice and small tips, fore a small price. After smoking the brown ? left in the tip prooves they work..


    Great product.
    I really like this filters.


    Die jilter sind Top, kein Krümmel im Mund nix. Echt super


    These are for spliffs/tobacco-filled joints
    These are meant to hold your normally rolled joint filtertips (keeps them properly shaped as well), and add a little filter to the end. I'm not a tobacco smoker myself, but a friend of mine is and he gladly accepted the pack I had bought after trying a spliff with one.


    good filter
    As I smoke my herb with tobacco, and normally roll it with a carton/paper "S" filter, so the smoke is usually a little harsh.. but with these, the smoke is softer and the tobacco flavor almost disappears. It's good to have a longer filter (the jilters work like an extension filter for your paper filter) so you don't burn your lips or fingers when the joint is ending. Overall very good, I just don't know about the whitening of the filters and if it affects anything concerning to health.


    A healthy choice of a filter tip
    really good for people who smoke and mix there herb with tobacco and don't want all the harmful cancer causing s#it if you have to smoke do it the healthy way. i have been told buy some drunk and stoned person before that the THC dose not get filtered by the filter meaning that if you smoked using a cigarette filter it would not filter any THC and as it is half the size of a normal super slim filter with an insert for a roach so you can have a longer overall roach that helps with the cooling of your smoke and dose not affect the flavor of your smoke at all overall a very happy customer thanks a lot zamnesia

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Knowledge Base

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Filtros Jilter (42 pcs)
Filtros Jilter (42 pcs)